Monster AI Gives up on Defend


The Monster just gives up. I was playing as Slim with Kala, Blitzy, and Crow. This was in solo on every map. I’d do a certain amount of damage, about %40 of it’s Health, then it would start running. It would go to the end of the map where the minions spawn and would pace back and forth. The only way it stopped was if the generator died.


It’s not giving up. IIRC it gets stuck in a pathing loop.


Not a bug, it’s called realism :wink:



Well you understand what I mean.




Also a general AI oversight that becomes extremely obvious in Defend:

Monsters stop to eat wildlife when looking for it, but will then flee if the Hunters are too close and in LoS instead of eating it while he should’ve checked for those Hunters before he even started killing the wildlife.

This results in the Monster constantly stopping to kill wildlife and then immediately looking for the next while continually getting shot at by Hunters.