Monster Against Rogue Val & Hank Team


Kinda frustrating…I just got my ass kicked against a good team with Rogue Val, Hank, Blitz Markov and Maggie, playing as a Meteor Goliath
I got one lucky strike on Hank, and that was it. I don’t know how to down any of them. Lag was a bit annoying, but that combination was very powerful…
Do you think Rogue Val need some adjustment? How do you guys deal with such a team? Any advice?

Edit: I was focusing on Hank first. I made a mistake and got domed in stage 1, that cost me 1 health bar, I thought it was ok. I don’t think I made any other obvious mistakes. That one time I downed Hank, my shield was already gone, and health bar is half way gone so I decided to leave. I was stage 2 then I think. And I think Hank uses jump height and jetpack perks, he could stay in the air for quite a long time.


Rogue Val is a pretty hard Medic to go up against right now especially with Hank he constantly shields well good luck with that team :joy:


Hard focus Rogue Val down until she pops her burst. She doesn’t have he passive heal while her burst is on cooldown.


You did right by focusing on Hank, he’s the weak link in that comp! Rogue Val is getting some nerfs incoming, so hold on until Tuesday to see how they go.

One popular thing people do is to try and isolate RVal and force her to use her heal burst, that way you can then turn and put attention on Hank or whoever with little healing available to them.


With that comp I just focus Hank down hard. Easier said than done I know, especially if they’re dodges are on point. If you get him down though, start focusing the assault. Rogue Val has an incredible self-heal, but she struggles to keep up if you’re bursting someone down. Once the assault is down the main source of damage is out, and you can focus Rogue Val