Monster advice (Goliath and Kraken)


Hello Community!

I need some help with how I am handling Goliath and Kraken as I feel it needs some fine tweaking that will allow me to go in the right direction.

First, I have gotten accustomed to the following build for Goliath:

Stage 1: 1FB, 1RT, 1 LS
Stage 2: 2FB, 1RT, 3LS
Stage 3: 2FB, 3RT, 3LS, 1Dash
Perk: Damage 10% increase

This has been going very well in getting those downs. However, I have been getting trouble in escaping after dome has fallen down due to Val Tranq gun and Crow’s statis gun. I am therefore debating whether I should invest a point on Dash during stage 2, or simply change perk more to Moving Speed or Traversal Recharge.

Second, I have gotten the accustomed to the following build for Kraken:

Stage 1: 1Vortex, 1LS, 1BM
Stage 2: 2Vortex, 2LS, 2BM
Stage 3: 3Vortex, 3LS, 3BM

The thing is with the above build is that it’s good for attacking far, but I am debating whether it is worth somewhere investiging points in Aftershock or not. I had trouble going against a Laz comp, as he was not only turning around some stupid truck, but him cloaking very once a while didnt make it better. I forgot that I should have focused a Hunter, but as Kraken in open space camping is not really a good idea. Maybe I’m just missing something, so any advice would help.

Thanks to anyone replying!


Here is what my builds are:
Goliath/Meteor Goliath:
S1: 1FB 1LS 1CH
S2: 1RT 2 FB 1 LS 2 CH
S3: 1RT 3 FB 2 LS 3 CH
With Charge maxed out, you can travel farther when escaping.

S1: 1AS 1V LS
S2: 1BM 1V 2AS 2LS
S3: 1BM 2V 3AS 3LS
Aftershock can take out multiple enemies at once, so it’s extremely useful for large groups of wildlife. Vortex can push the Hunters back if you’re low on armor/health.


I use the same setup for Meaty and Og, and except for S2, which for me is-

3Rt, 1Fb, 1Ls, and 1 Charge.

I do play Meaty the most so I don’t put that many points in fire breat until S3 because he doesn’t have problems finding cloaked hunters.

For perk, my fav is Stamina regen. I used to run Feeding spped, but I’ve been experimenting with others, and I feel like stamina regen is the nest for me. Especially with hunters that have tranqs and slows that can really slow you down. Or hunters like Griffin or Jack that make you use another traversal.


I remember the days I did that it was pretty bad/good



##Stage 1
Rock Throw: 0/3
Leap Smash: 1/3
Fire Breath: 1/3
Charge: 1/3

Leap Smash and Charge help with covering distance. Charge is a horrible ability to use for straight up damage and I suggest only investing that one point throughout the entire match. It does however help with quickly covering a short distance where normal traversals or Leap Smash would be too clumsy too use.
Extremely good skill for mitigating damage should you find yourself caught before stage 2.

I used to include Rock Throw instead of Charge in stage 1, but the truth is that even then you don’t stand much of a chance in a stage 1 fight and against wildlife it’s really not a well invested point either.

Fire Breath recharges so quickly, it’s the best wildlife killing ability available to Goliath.

##Stage 2
Rock Throw: 0/3 --> 3/3
Leap Smash: 1/3
Fire Breath: 1/3
Charge: 1/3

I’m a sucker for Rock Throw. It does insane damage and even though the famous Leap Smash > Rock Throw combo was somewhat butchered last patch, it’s still the most reliable way to hit a target with the rock.

Taking a good look at the most recent ability value changes per stage, it becomes obvious that going from 2 points to 3 points in 1 ability gives it a much bigger relative boost than going from 1 point to 2 points.
Therefore, theoratically speaking, 2 points is somewhat of a bridge that I try to leave as little abilities in as possible.
By skipping 2 points in Rock Throw and immediately maxing it out instead, you get an insane boost for the speed at which the Rock flies through the air.

Consider using pounces a lot. Not necessarily to annoy the crap out of Hunters by constantly locking them in (not particularly useful since they’ll be behind you when released for some reason) but to constantly give yourself a little quick burst of movement.

Note that regular walking pace covers distance quicker than pouncing, so only use it when otherwise you’d have suffered from a “landing animation”.
For example, try Leap Smash and then immediately a quick pounce as you hit the floor. It’s really effective when being chased and helps you cut line of sight faster to prevent another harpoon in the back.
Also works great immediately after getting tranqed by Val, as the pounce briefly ignores the slowdown effect.
Eventually you’ll learn to use it in combat to sometimes cover a little bit of distance quickly (perhaps around an object) where a normal traversal would’ve been too clumsy to use.

The only downside to this build is the still fairly limited Leap Smash radius. You’ll want to get used to it, get the hang of when a Leap Smash is least expected by potential targets so they don’t escape the small blast radius too easily.

##Stage 3
Rock Throw: 3/3
Leap Smash: 1/3 --> 3/3
Fire Breath: 1/3 --> 2/3
Charge: 1/3

Ahh, the maxed out Leap Smash. It feels so great.
Combo it with your fast Rock Throws and targets that didn’t pay attention will be utterly screwed.

The beefed up Fire Breath helps as well, though as I said 3 points would’ve been far better than 2 but alas, you only have 9 total points to spend.
Careful when aiming - it’s more reliable to see where the flames are going and manually direct them to your target than to rely on the crosshair on your screen since it’s slightly off to the side.


Sometimes it’s better to max out Fire Breath at stage 2 and put only 1 point in Rock Throw if you’re up against Lazarus.
3 points in Fire Breath does serious damage, is hard to dodge and reveals poor Laz for a good amount of time if you pay close attention.

At Goliath’s current state, I firmly believe you pretty much require a mobility perk against good Hunters in Hunt.
Traversal recharge, Movement Speed or my personal favorite Climb Speed are all good picks.
Depends on the map, really.

Climb Speed is good in Armory, but I’ll take Movement Speed instead if the map is Wraith Trap.


Does anyone know where I can find the article here on the forums that precisely states how much damage each ability does? I’ve been trying to find it. :frowning:

Also thanks to everyone for replying. I’ll definitely take back the mobility speed or traversal perk. (although I am still debating how to put my points a bit and would like to look at the numbers more).


I run the exact build per stage as Rick except I exclusively run damage increase, it really adds Oomph to the rock and helps Flame Breath finish them off occasionally if I’m playing a REALLY good team that I’ve had trouble with I’ll run movement speed.


I’m a silver master Goliath and I never use charge just saying.


Perhaps this is what you are looking for? : [(click me)] (


Goliath Build

S1 : 1LS 1FB 1CH
S2 : 2RT 2LS 1FB 1CH
S3 : 3RT 3LS 2FB 3CH

The S1 build is a mobility build and Charge is a really good ability for dmg and getting some distance. MS or SR perks are really good choices. I preffer MS because I can sneak really fast and Crow is fuked :stuck_out_tongue:

well I am not Kraken main but I have been playing him last week more, and I can say that investing at least 1 point into after shock is a really good choice, because Kraken is loosing much dmg when not investing at least 1 point to every ability

S1 : 1LS 1BM 1V
S2 : 2LS 1BM 1AS 2V
S3 : 2LS 2BM 2AS 3V


Play Gorgon instead :smiley:

Its hard mode against good players.


Thank you so much! Also didn’t know that Charge has a lower Cooldown when in battle. Should think about it more often :sob:


Oh I will, one monster at a time though! :smiley: (Although I really enjoy playing as behemoth as well, so good in Mines)


Gorgon plays pretty weird compared to other monsters.

Ask Darknezchaos or me for tips.

I dont know any other high-leaderboard Gorgon players here tho.


How does she feel after they have reduced her acid spit duration? I always found Mimic hard to use in close combat encounters and only viable if there is some loop to utilize it.


Mimic is situational. I dont recommend taking it in Hunt.

And she mostly feels the same with the acid spit. Only thing that hurt was the Spider DPS, but that can be made up for with 3 points acid, 2 point web, adn one point trap at lvl 2