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This is a post I made a little while ago and thought it should be a thread. Since Meteor Goliath is coming and it’s basically considered a whole new Monster, what if it was like a sub-species. For example, for Goliath, Kraken, Wraith, Behemoth, and the soon to be spider Monster, say they all had one adaptation, where would that be?

Would it be a completely new Monster making 10 Monsters to scroll through? No, I think it’d be more logical to create a folder, similar to how skins are.

Here is the character selection for Goliath, we can see that there are two tabs, “Select” and “Customize” so, what if when you click on “Customize” it brings up two more options, “Skins” and “Adaptions” click on “Skins” and you can simply scroll through your skins normally, meanwhile clicking on “Adaptions” would allow you to scroll between Goliath and Meteor Goliath, and if you chose “Meteor Goliath” then the “Skins” tab would reflect skins for Meteor Goliath and not normal Goliath.

It would be a way to incorporate more adaptions in the future and keep the design of the entire selection screen simple rather than scrolling through 10 different Monsters just to find the one you want to play as.

Edit: The reason Meteor Goliath and other such adaptions would need their own tab is because they’re technically their own Monster. Meteor Goliath as considered Meteor Goliath by the game instead of just Goliath. It also has different stats as it deals fire damage for every attack, even basic melee attacks.

All it’s particle effects are blue and the model is obviously different. This is my reasoning for why it would need a separate tab or something. I just say that this way it is a lot easier to organize.

Edit 2: Video courtesy of @ColtRosewood


Wouldn’t surprise me at all if this was how they already planned for it to work, the same idea occurred to me when I was making a video about our new meteoric friend.

EDIT: Doing it this way also allows for you to select a skin for your adaptation as well. Like Wendigo Meteor Goliath, or skins made specifically for certain adaptations.

It would be amazing to see more adaptions and see what new effects Monsters get with them. It seems that the Meteor Goliath is a bit stronger than the normal Goliath but to make up for that it gives up it’s entire ability to sneak as it’s always glowing bright blue making it much harder to hide when on low health and all.

Interesting theory! I mentioned in my video that I figured they might slightly reduce the base damage of abilities to account for the extra burning, but the loss of stealth wasn’t a factor I considered, so that might be it. Good call.

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Mind posting a link? I can make in on the OP. I do like the slightly less damage for that.

In my experience fighting the Meteor Goliath it does seem much stronger due to the DoT effects however he sticks out like a sore thumb, even all the way across the map :smile:

Still uploading, but certainly will when it is done.

EDIT: Imagine a Wraith adaptation that makes the Wraith partially transparent but deal slightly less damage… crazy sneak game!

EDIT 2: Or even better, semi-transparent but moves slower. So it gives you an awesome sneak game but it really makes you rely on sneaking more. I feel reduced damage would make combat feel worse.

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Oh my goodness. Ghost Wraith

No guys. Wraiths adaptation is Toilet Wraith obviously


Dingdingdingding, we have a winner! @ToiletWraith

Nice video! You explained it very well and I really like the video. I hope it comes sooner rather than later, like… in the next week :wink:

Yes please, can’t wait to get my hands on this guy! And thank you!

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And also remove Carrion Birds for this adaptation, or make them VERY rare. That’d be an awesome variation.

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You called? <3

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