Monster able to smell hunters with stink evac perk on


As the title says, I was playing Behemoth on the Refueling Tower map and I was able to smell everything as normal. The hunters promptly quit after the game and called me a cheater. I don’t know if this is common, just thought it should be addressed.


You shouldn’t be able to smell only see health bars.


thus the reason I posted this under the bugs category


Are you sure it was on Refueling Tower? Haven’t played Evac myself yet and the only map that has the scent masking ‘stink’ map effect is Aviary in custom games. Just want to be sure, because that may be the actual issue if the map effect has not been properly implemented for Refueling Tower but it still is in the rotation for the effect. Anyways, thanks for the report, anyone who cares enough to submit even the slightest one helps!

And once again a quality contribution.


Of course. ^.^
Always nice to state facts.

It’s better to reply, and let them know they were not ignored; than to not say anything at all. No?


yes it was on the refueling tower, I know the maps and I know all of the in game evac “buffs”. It was on refueling tower.


Pretty sure that’s a flag option, posting irrelevent info seeing as how he addressed an issue only for you to post how you aren’t in the same scenario to suffer from said issue…


just leave it… it’s fine… it’s Shin


And that information was unneeded, and was off topic. ^.-


oh my goodness don’t make me use a summon.


But anyways, you were on the Refueling Tower. You could smell everyone normally, no? Did you have the Radioactive Clouds effect, that harms the hunters activated? I don’t believe the scent masking agent is allowed on this map.

That one is a Medlab effect I believe.


I have yet to ever fight as monster with the Stink effect on but I have however played with shield drones and they are very strange, sometimes the drone would be in one spot but the beam is coming from another location.

Off topic, I am pretty sure Shin isn’t doing anything wrong but I guess I have no say in this matter.


Eh, it’s fine. Let them call whomever they wish I suppose. I gave them my view on the matter. Scent Masking cannot be activated on the Refueling Tower. I’m pretty sure he had Radioactive Clouds activated, and confused the two.

Nothing wrong with that though. There are quite a few perks, limited to specific maps. It is understandable if there is some confusion about which perks are where, and which perks do what.


Wow, I should update the title cause the scent masking doesn’t show up on RT, which means that theres a bug letting you play on maps that don’t have a win bonus. I swear that I played on distillery right before that… hmm


Its a fun mode when you can get a group for it.


I was never interested in games that give a buff to the winners, and the losers. It makes for unbalanced gameplay, and unfair/unneeded advantages.

@iEcaly Refueling Tower has several win bonuses actually. One of them being the Radioactive Clouds. If the monster wins, the facility breaks down. This releases clouds of radiation, to damage/harm the hunter. I believe every map has some form of win bonus for both sides.


I view the rewards as part of the fun, but they certainly do imbalance things.

The losers get some bland autobalance bonuses as well to try to keep things under control.

Isn’t that the Fusion Plant Monster bonus?


Rendering Plant has the Falling Satellite that damages hunters, while the hunters have the Space Laser.

Cargo Ship, and Second Monster, Gates, and Rifts are the interesting affects on the Fusion Plant.


Distillery has Birds (tons of birds around the map, increased chance to get carrion birds as well I believe), Phantoms, Med Bays, and Mutated Plants that heal the monster if eaten.


It’s actually more rude to reply with nothing, because what you said still amounted to nothing. In fact…it was more just a waste of your time.