Monster Ability Levels - Please Define the Difference


I saw a similar post for this a few weeks back but think it is a really valid question. We level up our monsters abilities each time we evolve but is there any stat information out there that shows exactly what amount of difference we are making to each ability’s level? Just a straight forward statistical graph showing un-perked information, for example:
Goliath - Level 1. Level 2. Level 3.
Leap Smash Damage: +10%. +15%. +20%.
(I have no idea what the actual stats are above, this is just to show what I mean)
Surely this would be reasonably straight forward for the developers to post, and making it public knowledge would not harm the gameplay if it was updated whenever they felt it necessary to tweak for balance sake. Having a better understanding of what difference each point makes would be of benefit to the whole community at large.


It tells you when you go to allocate skillpoints. Simple to check.


I’m surprised that it hasn’t been listed anywhere. I had a hunt around for a better understanding of monster play and couldn’t find a thing online.