Monster ability bug


Joined a game as wraith and it had decoy, Abduction and warp blast but when i evolved it had no points and at stage three i could only have 5 points on skills.


Yep this has happened a few times. IIRC if you select take a break and then take over again it fixes it. I’ll try to find one of those posts.


Yeah, it’s a known; and very annoying buff… Happened to me several times awhile back.



Only five? Or only six?


Was 5 at stage 3 i think. It wouldn’t let me add anymore


I would have thought it would be a mutiple of three. You get 9 Evolve points in total and the bug robs you of 3.


Might of been 6 then. Tbf i have bad memory and it was 3:30Am :stuck_out_tongue: