Monster Ability attributes the same in 5.0 or different ( Read first before judging)

I’m well aware of the new 5.0 patch changing up the way the game is meant to be played and likewise how there have been many adjustments to monster abilities including per level adjustments.

When I say “level” I am referring to, for example, level 1 fire breathe which used to do 100% damage with 100% radius. Level 2 fire breathe would up those values to 130% damage 130% radius etc.

Now the point of my post is when allocating additional skill points into abilities do these additional attributes (excluding damage values) like radius and range still stack per level or is there a set value with patch 5.0 as a default for all levels of a particular skill? As a Goliath main, although the patch notes clearly state the radius of leap smash as having been decreased and than gradually increases at higher levels other abilities have no details listing whether those attributes grow stronger per level. The unmentioned attributes I speak of is the range of fire breathe, the radius of rock throw, or the range of charge. None of these are listed except for the new characteristics like increased duration at level 3 or increased throw speed at level 3.

I apologize if this belongs in another thread. You may move it if necessary, but I was just curious if these per level changes were still there or had changed in some way.

I’m finding the reduced radius of leap smash much harder to land accurately. Sometimes it seems as though even when I’m spot on it doesn’t deal damage. Rock throw even seems a little off for some reason. I know a lot has changed and I still need to adjust but it feels off to me even fire breathe feels a little wonky damage wise. Any one else notice this?

Not complaining just inquisitive

I found the same thing, especially with Leap Smash. The reduced radius makes it much easier to dodge, but that may have been done to balance it against the tweaked jetpacks.

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I too am curious at the distance of firebreath. I know it used to be a lot farther at stage two. I never put one into firebreath because it was so shor tI never hit anything with it but 2 points could be very effective while leaving a point for another ability.

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