Monster abilities stats - by stage



I’m searching for a source with detailed stats for all monster abilites and their stage progression

for example: damage of banshee mines (level 1,2,3), duration and size of rock wall (level 1,2,3) …

all sources I found are not detailed enough for a competitive comparisson

so is there any source with detailed infos and stats about all primary and secondary effects of any ability from stage to stage ?

I know that some abilities are complex, because they can deal direct damage and/or over time damage and/or splash damage and/or knock back …

but other games are delivering such complex infos for tons of characters and abilities, just look at Dota 2


I dont think there is such a resource available im afraid as well we aint given the numbers or an accurate way to track them unless some one has mined them(to my knowledge they haven’t)


It would be cool. Is it common though, in other games apart from DOTA 2?


Most games do have a resource that gives exact damage number etc and the things that make that damage happen (stats etc) but unless some one datamines the game theres no way to know


@MacMan @SlabOMeat do you think you could release those stats to the public?


I hope they will it will make for some really informed decisions on if that 3rd point is worth it etc.