Monster Abilities Change Appearance Idea

Im not sure if anyone has talked about this idea before, but what if for every point you put into an ability, the monsters appearance changes? Maybe if you were to put points into fire breath, Goliaths neck would start to grow more and more red? Maybe for abduction Wraith gets longer claws? Maybe Behemoths hands start to look like giant flat hammers as he uprgrades fissure? There would be so many combinations.

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Because they already get bigger?

I think it would be better to just make the abilities themselves change. Like fb going from orange to blue with each lvl or the rock for rock throw getting bigger.

In one of the milestones, this was done. Not 100% sure why it changed tho
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I’ve brought this up in the past.

It was also an idea in the past as @MacMan posted it in the development thread. It was scrapped.

It was scraped because while it sounds nice in theory (And it does, it REALLY does)

This is a PHENOMENALLY labor-intensive task for a game such as evolve. A lot of games that allow high modularity with their models, get away with it by overlooking the clipping issues that occur with all the extra bits, pieces, and things you can swap to.

Oh when I swap this whatever it clips wildly through this something as the model does, well, basically any and every animation? Meh, it looks fine the other 60% of the time its not clipping, and looks awesome when you stand there!

I believe that this mentality wouldnt have been “acceptable” for developers of evolve though. They didnt want to just “overlook” these small things. Fault evolve for the bugs and balances all we want, the animations in this game- are amazingly mind-blowindly fantastic. I would not be surprised if these are some of the most diversely animated models of their type being produced in the gaming industry today. To have the kind of quality the evolve models currently enjoy, for a system like this- Would basically require (from minor to major degree) unique animations for every ability/point- For every STAGE of the monster. Everything gets animated 3 times. Goliaths -normal- “walk” animation (because he also has animations that he shifts to as hes losing health)? theres 3 of them.

Its because of reasons like this, that im highly anticipating the “adapted” models for the monsters to never vary much from the “base” monsters- and to primarily only have physical model differences in areas that wont interfere with the overall animations (Such as the crest on meteor goliaths head, and the fan on his tail)

I love this idea, but it’s something for after T5 and new maps, bugfixes etc.

You son of a…

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It does. At level 3, it also becomes fiery, instead of just a normal giant rock.

Lava bomb level 3 makes Behemoth… makes him… fatter?

This would be cool. I just want something that gives an inkling at what the monster is putting points Into. The monster knows the hunter combo and abilities and it would be nice to know the build maybe. Idk

Exactly, as a hunter you cant easily tell what level its abilities are at, unless its an ability like rock wall, or aftershock.

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If it deals damage, then its a bad ability to a hunter.

when your being put on fire, I don’t think you care about what level it is. You just want to get out of it. Lol.