Monster Abilities and Idea page


Everyone wants new Monsters and Hunters for Evolve. Its one of the things that I hear from everyone I try to convince to play. I understand things like development time and idea making take time so I’m ready for the long wait but I thought I would discuss interesting ideas for Monsters and Monster Abilities. Feel free to post your own ideas and critique mine.

Bodys; Most monsters are weak around the head but It would be nice to have an exception like a soft neck. My best idea for that type of monster would be Dragon or Insect.A smaller wider monster like Crab could create a new evasive effect.

Movement;we have warping, flight, rolling. leaping , and slinging. Not to forget Invisibility. We haven’t seen however rooting (like a plant monster),teleporting(like Kala), sling(like Spider Man not Gorgon), or Power Jumps (like Superman/possible Behemoth rolling charge rate) for monsters. One of my favorite update ideas would be an auto backtrack( stepping in the same tracks to fool trackers)

Elemental Abilities; We’ve seen a lot of fire, lightning, lava, wind, poison, Insects, web,and earth being used by Monsters. A Monster hasn’t had any abilities with Spores, Lazers, Ice, Water, Plant, Sound, or Metal.

Attacking Styles; Kraken players all know there Ariel Attack is a major distinction from them and other monsters. Kraken is meant to be played in the air so it can be very useful. However variety is the spice of life so Monsters should have variety with there ranges. Longer ranged monsters would add a new combat style for monsters and keep hunters on there toes.

Physical Attacks and Attack suggestions; Charging, smashing, slicing, and grabbing are all fine. By fine mean pretty great, but when it comes to killing hunters they just like to fly around so much. Digestion would be a great pounce attack(possible healing the monster as the hunter dies), eating hunters only for a little damage would add a whole new dimension of detail to evolve. Inside the monster. Crushing would also add a nice element to a new pounce or an ability. Roaring at the player in the monsters clutches before throwing them.

New Adapted monsters; Gorgon-Funnel(Make funnel webs,poison trampoline)-Black(controls multiple spiders,faster mimic smaller), Behemoth-Basalisk(fast snake tounge,half dome rock wall)-Core(Steam Bomb, Eruption), Wraith-Cursed( Hyperova[short spinning spernova],teleblast[ faster warp blast less range])

Digging; The last respective direction of attack. Kraken is death from above, but what is death from below? Cabot already has a weapon that inflicts damage through objects so its not to far fetched why not have a digging monster. Even if the monster cannot respectively go underground perhaps one could hide traps where hunters cant see them.

Blood letting/Vampire; A monster that can drink out the blood of corpes than still able to eat the corps,or simple longer more efficient eating.


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We already have an official thread for this and there is a lot of cool creations there you should check them out. @skills4u2envy