Monster abandoned game...while still playing said game


This is a new one for me…

I am on XB1, dam, ranked hunt, ping 50ms.

Playing as behemoth, getting destroyed by some better hunters, had evolved to stage 2, about 7-9 minutes in the game, probably 1-2 more fights before they kill me. Was engaged in a fight with them, all of a sudden- “monster abandoned game, hunters win”…go to the post game screens, I lost points, but there are only 4 little red lights at the bottom. I hit ready just to make sure I was still in, and sure enough I get a green light… Wtf. I was going to lose anyhow, but at least let me play it out!

And no I didn’t get video, I was to shocked to remember to do so. I am just curious if this has happened to anyone else before?