Monster #5 suggestion: glowbeetle swarm


so far we have plenty of monsters that are large in size, and have strong direct melee.

what about a fast, low profile swarm of glowing bugs that individually grow in size when you evolve?

they’re weaker than the other monsters to start with, but have little movement limitations.

T1: they start off as a swarm of large bat-bees, that can be damaged as an entity. if you hurt one you hurt them all.
T2: they’re like a swarm of small pterodactyls
T3: they’re like a swarm of large dog-bone-pterodactyls

melee attack: the swarm will gang up on a hunter and sting him with lots of pointy fangs. they’ll get more powerful with rank in poison, but not power.

flying attack: the swarm will spray short range venom across a nearby area that stays on the ground like dust tagging

boost charge is like the kraken’s, although the swarm will be able to fly less restrictively - but the swarm will not be able to climb.

ability 1: incubation - the swarm will lay eggs in a dead body and anything that comes near will be shortly engulfed in a separate swarm - if the mother swarm is present it will get a brief health and armor buff

ability 2: swarm reconnaissance - some of your hive will leave the swarm and scout wildlife and hunters, but you could lose a portion of your health or armor if they are spotted and shot.

ability 3: swarmlaunch - the swarm will launch out some of it’s bodies as high speed projectiles into the enemy, deducting HP as long as the bodies remain separate from the hive.

ability 4: frenzy - the swarm will frantically attack anything in the area, but with less individual DPS for every target added.


weakened by flamethrowers like traps do to most monsters, immune to trapper traps.