Monitor Suggestions


So I am moving pretty soon and decided that after having this random ass monitor which came with a very crap PC 4 years ago I would finally upgrade to something a bit nicer. As monitors go I am pretty clueless as to how much more of an experience I can get out of gaming by investing in a nice one.

For instance I remember the one I used at TRS was insane although that might have been more down to the PC, everything was just far more crisp but would like to hear any suggestions to good monitors.

I have about a £100-£200 budget but would spend more if its worth it as I want this to last a long time.


I reccomend acer monitor,they are best in budget catagory.I use G7 myself for like 120$
I had benq but disliked picture quality.


Benq have quite cheap monitor, and known for their reliability. Mine works well for over 8 years already.


I made screenshot to give you idea about picture quality of acer monitors.


Buy some preserved 19-21’’ quality CRT. None flat monitor can beat pure quality of 100hz gaming with good CRT!


Uh… i guess that was a trolling joke :slight_smile: