Money back or special monster/hunter for founders


So i read that people can get this game free for pc and after beta free for console… what the title says i want my money back. I don’t need to be a founder and get some stickers, badge and some skin… i paid over 80 Euro for a game that is going free now and finally you can unlock it all ingame so whats the point in the founder when all the people now get a whole new game! Get something special for the founders like a special monster or hunter only the founders can use so it’s more special to be a founder and not push them away with some stickers, badges and skins…

Hope i made my point in this because its ridiculous-_-


Wait until the stream and you may or may not find that your concerns have been answered :slight_smile:


You gain more stuff later on.


i hope so… got a hard feeling in this


You get automatic access to all the characters without having to unlock them, all future adaptations will be automatically unlocked for you, you keep all skins you purchased/got through challenges, and you get to use all the old game modes (Nest, Rescue, Defend, Evacuation).


Cosmetics for free and you don`t have to grind keys to play adaptions.
Edit: It is like a kind of tester-status so far.

I got only one question for the dev's regarding Founder status

I was getting ready to link the Founders link, but @schmogmog beat me to it.

We won’t forget the people who supported us in the beginning and we plan on taking care of you guys. <3

A Message to Our Community

I remember how TRS already took care of us who supported with the PCMR from the beginning, opening up that final DLC inclusion to all of tier 5. Have faith that TRS are a kinder type of folk :smiley:


Is there any possibillity founders will gain free acces to new content (like hunters or monsters) at the first week after there release?
Don`t want to sound greedy by the way :grinning:

I got only one question for the dev's regarding Founder status

How about with in the first 2 weeks? :wink:

Got some cool varitants heading your way soon!

A Message to Our Community
I got only one question for the dev's regarding Founder status

Good to know thnx for the reply and btw didn’t wanted to be hatefull but i don’t like the concept of stickers, badges and skins xD


I get it. No worries. But don’t worry, we gotchu!


I don’t understand this… you played the game for months thats what you paid for. I wouldn’t demand a refund if the game went on sale a week or a month or a year after I bought it originally.

Thats a terrible idea for many reasons. If it’s too good it’s gonna drive people away if it’s bad it’s gonna piss founders off. If it’s perfectly balanced somehow it’s still gonna piss people off because they don’t have access to an entire character.


I think if they give the founders a new special monster/hunter for free not big of a deal… if they want the monster/hunter so bad maybe they can get it in a later part of the game or even buy it because i allready paid enough money and the new players who play for free not even a single penny. I think it helps if they do this for the game to grow more and get the old players even faster back!


I like to think that I just paid to help buy copies of the game for all the friends I haven’t met yet.

You’re welcome, mystery friends.


Soooooooo much ingratitude to people claiming their money back.
Either way you bought something that gave you so many hours of entertainment and you actually helped to support all those hard working people that made all this a reality.

Those are money well spent, no regrets there.
51 mins to release… this can’t come fast enough X-D


Well I can understand why they’d be upset, It’s not a completely irrational response. Especially if they picked it up recently.

However if it wasn’t for the large group of people who ended up leaving the game, myself included, the game probably wouldn’t have went free to play. We couldn’t really expect much else to happen.


My thought process is: if I bought a pack of eggs, used them and then a week later they went on sale, do I have the right to claim back the difference between pre sale and post sale? No.

Maybe if you bought the game a couple of days ago I could understand wanting a refund, but aside from that, you’ve had the game, you’ve gotten use out of it when others weren’t allowed to play.


For you it’s just an update. You bought the game at some time, and you paid to play it, regardless on how the players who now can get it for free can get it.

You can play the game you paid for.

I know how it feels but you’re not entitled to anything other than keeping the game you bought. Otherwise, following your logic, you’d ask for money when people buy a game in a sale, way cheaper than you paid for it.


only for pc im guessing? consoles update better be a when not an if…