Momma Goli giving birth to eggs. How?

Hello .

At first let me introduce you to Momma Goli.

She is a woman who loves to look beautifull and she likes to wear high heels like a real lady.

She is also loving mother.

Here is authentical photo taken as Momma Goli is protecting her egg with her own body from the pesky Hunters.

Don’t tell me you wont wish Momma Goli to be your mother.

But I noticed something . If you look at size of egg and size of Momma Goli, it is almost big as her.

And here is the question.


Look closely at the egg

Those huge spikes and size! Gosh!

Poor Momma Goli…

So I dunno if Momma Goli is such a strong and independent woman that she can outstand the pain or if there is different way how she gave birth to those eggs. (cause the size man…wow…)

Anyone who can explain me will be in favour of Momma Goli.


Not sure what to say to this…

Thank you making me laugh XD

Someone lost their mind

Hey…High heels are dumb. Real ladies wear normal shoes.

Never understood high heels, but people like them apparently.

Some people like the added height. Not worth killing my feet for it though. Plus they screw with my hip.

I… um… well then… I’m laughing, but creeped out at the same time. GJ, OP :stuck_out_tongue:

As for the question at hand, Goliath doesn’t lay them. Something else does. We don’t know what though. O.o

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mommy goli, behedad, kraken the neigbour on drugs and dark magiz (or the brother but still on drugs and adark magicz) and wraith that stalker girl from animes wanting behedad for her own (or she wants to be noticed)

Alright so, let’s see how this threads gonna play out :astonished:

I have not had nightmares in a while, nice to know that some things can still trigger them.

They were created in order to show off more ‘leg’ back in the day. High heels in general allow more ‘foot/leg skin’ to be shown. Also, you can’t NOT walk in high heels without shimmying your butt. True fact.

Tried did you? :wink:


There is actual reasons, but they might not apply to you, each person has different things that attracts them and high heels might not affect the things you like

Hmm, I suppose. Everyone has different opinions/views.

Ok I just realized that its time to end with alcohol

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