Modifying my Evolve toys [Updated January 22nd]


I originally posted about this in another thread, but decided to move it to its own Topic.

Currently I’m in the process of modifying my Legacy Maggie into Wasteland Maggie and repainting my POP Goliath into a Voodoo skin Goliath.

This is something I’ve done for years; turning toys into statues. I always buy toys, and a lot of the time I get annoyed with how they never have enough articulation points to be fun, or they could look cooler with a different paint job. So I do it myself in my free time.

I will edit this post as progress is made and move the final version to the top once they’re finished.

Voodoo Goliath

[finished piece here]

My PC/XB/craft space (untouched Goliath)
I’m using acrylic paints I saved from my college days and they’ve sat in my closet for a couple years lol

Half finished base coat using acrylic paints (will be using gesso surface prep for lighter areas)

Some gradient added to the spikes

Wasteland Maggie

(Possibly Daisy? I might model her in clay from scratch if I have time)

[finished piece here]

Detached the head from the ball joint

Using a mini flat head screwdriver to pry the hairpiece from the head

Got it off after about 40 minutes of casually prying so I didn’t destroy the head and ears
Only lightly scraped myself once, with little blood

Had to cut off that piece of plastic so I could get the shape of her skull correct later with clay

She looks so funny right now!

Filling up points of articulation to make it solid. Head and one leg done.

Own any evolve Merch?


10 char because I’m not descriptive enough. :confused:


Im going to follow this topic if i can


These are fantastic! I can’t wait to see how they turn out! Are you going to try and model Maggie’s mask from clay or just paint it?


It’s just meaning that it doesn’t like all capitals


This is so awesome.


Have you tried using Green Stuff? I find it ideal for things like this, preferable over clay that you have to bake and can have shrinkage.


Aye! Green stuff, to those who don’t know what that is:


I love green stuff.


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This makes me want to have infinite money to buy an army of the legacy Goliaths and paint one for each skin. This looks so rad!!!


Interesting, I might have to try that.
I was planning on finishing Goliath first anyway.


Imagine a little girl playing with this doll the way she looks now


Not quite the same, but,


You should be able to take the GS and perfectly shape her crown and even smooth it so you can’t even tell there was a seam or anything from the cutting. After a few hours it will air dry to rock-hardness and be ready for prime and paint. I lvoe the stuff and use it for many various things.


Just bought some on Amazon. In the meantime I’ll paint some Goliath and maybe start a Daisy armature.


So cool! Will be watching this thread.



Added one more Goliath pic


Cool beans.


Loving the gradation of the drybrushing on the spikes.