Modifying Abduction for Accuracy Sake


Though I’m not suggesting any form of auto-aim here, one of the core problems I see with a Level 3 Abduction skill is that it requires you to have a very pin point precision at ranges that are hard to make out visually. As such, I wonder if a temporary 2-3x zoom while holding the Abduct button down, would help the person to better land them (without needlessly ensuring 100% accuracy)

I say this because, if you look at Goliath and Kraken’s skills, they require the person to estimate a location to execute attacks (Rock Throw, Leap Smash) but Wraith does not have the advantage Kraken does (aerial view allows for easier line of sight).

I like the idea of a Level 3 Abduction; it finally introduces a big enough range to give you decent time to attack your victim once the Abduction is done, but it would be interesting to here from QA testers who have had a lot of experience with it, whether the immediate area that accepts a “hit” for the abduction is ample enough, or if it really requires so much precision, that it has a significantly higher learning curve.

What impressions do you get from videos on this?


Sort of like an ADS for that ability?


Excellent way of putting it, @MaddCow, exactly. It doesn’t force the reticule or guarantee success; it still will require skill, but because the target can be so far away, and you’re at ground level, it may help with accuracy.


I think I could see something like this. Would it maybe zoom to 50% of the max distance of the target you are aiming at? For instance, in an open field you’ll see everything ~50 meters closer, but if you are aiming at someone that is 50 meters away the distance would only be boosted by ~25 meters, that way you don’t zoom in too far. Also, it would help with aiming around walls that you don’t get ‘lost’ because you are zoomed to close to a bush/rock/tree.


I do agree with you to an extent, however, it’s meant to be difficult to pull off. Comparing the three monsters isn’t exactly fair, because they are intended to be different with different strengths and weaknesses. Personally, I think it’s just a matter of time before people become skilled with it. We’ve only seen a very small amount of the skill in the right hands, so I don’t think basing anything off of that reflects the ability across the board. Wait till release I say.


Well, I used comparison of how their weapons work, though I understand that there should be core differences in the gameplay. The mechanic of aiming attacks like Rock Throw and Leap Smash don’t ensure a hit for the player, but are used as a method of helping the player visualize where the hit will be.

The Wraith’s Abduction uses a diminishing tunnel overlay to show where the abduction will go, but does not really clarify the location where the Wraith will end up to attempt the abduction. I wonder if an alternate method might provide an easier use. For me, the L1/L2 Abduction ranges don’t justify its use. When done, the player is still rather close to their teammates. L3 seems to make a significant jump to warrant a feeling that you are really pulling the player away from their team.

I understand why, as the ability to surprise pounce the Hunters from a super long range, and just 1v1-ing the players who may have no chance to get to you in time to save their teammate is just a cheap move that can be repeated and keep the Wraith in relative safety, which is no fun.


It may be a good idea, but I would need to try it out first.

In the last stream, “coachboach?” managed to pull off an extremely long range abduction, but he was only able to pin down their location due to the increased smell perk. Without it he wouldn’t have been able to see them, and would have aimed nearly blindly. At max range hunters are extremely hard to see it looks, and catching a hunter without the smell perk would require a lot of luck.


While that long range abduction was absolutely fantastic, Coach also missed at least 4 abductions for every 1 he got. And he’s like the guru of the monster players at 2k. I don’t think the ability should be altered in function, it just needs to have the grab range very slightly increased, so that it will still connect even if it’s not a dead-on hit.


That’s because he always grabs them at long range, like a BOSS!


This is kind of what I wanted to say. It’s still too early to judge the ability so specifically, but if the ability does need fixing, I think the best way to fix it would be by slightly increasing the grab range.

The only problem is that if there are two hunters that are really close together, it’ll make it harder for the player to specifically target one of them, and as a result the closer of the two will be grabbed. So the increase would really need to be slight.


we should wait till release, then it can be fixed easy.

judging from warpblast they already have somekind of flag for it, when you use it, just rewatch some footage and you know what i mean by flag.


also keyboard and mouse user will have more precision without a doubt (unlike jparty db and coach)


From what I saw, the biggest problem seems to be lack of canceling Abduction. Kinda gotta commit, and it makes for some sloppy decisions in the end :stuck_out_tongue:


its intendet to be non canceling, otherwise all would abuse it for 100 m warps, and then noone can ever catch you.



How would being able to cancel Abduction make you uncatchable? If anything, you’d be punished for standing around looking like an idiot for a second or two.


You do know that after warping 100m forward, you’d then warp 100m back to where you started right? It’s not a move that can be used for traversal. Canceling means that if you were to start the abduction and go into aiming mode, you could cancel out of that before committing to using it.


ah yes i thought he mean the actual move, sry. but in fact that would be nice.
otherwise golliath should put his rock gently back into the earth too, if its going to be able to cancel. :smile:


Ah, I got ya. That makes sense. I’d laugh to see Goliath put the rock back down. He’d be all like “Syke!”


heh, he"ll be like: "sry mother shear :frowning: "

maybe you can aim at the ground if abducting so you dont actually travel far away?
didnt see that on the footage so far


As someone with super garbage eyes I would like to see (sorry for pun) a slight zoom on abduction, even if it’s small it’ll help.