Modern Hunter Profiles


So I recently made a quick proof-of-concept piece that’s essentially a very basic, clean hunter profile. Here’s the one of abe - Let me know what works, what doesn’t, and what could be added. I’m hoping to eventually complete one for all the hunters and possibly the monsters as well!



Typography feels nice, feels like kind of a 60’s National Parks Poster vibe.

I like the tight layout of the top section, but I would maybe reverse the type & put the word “TRAPPER” and the icon against a dark background, like a dark rectangle at the top where the class name would sit. Consider also tracking out the class names so they fit really nicely.

Next, I’m not sure if dead-on centered is the way to go for the rest of it… centered layouts are often pretty weak visually, because they lack movement, which makes them a bit flat & boring. So, I would use each character’s pose to your advantage. Put Abe off to the right a bit, take advantage of the fact that his shotgun will pull the viewer down past his face and into your type at the bottom, which I would definitely shrink up quite a bit. Maybe place it at about knee or waist level, and put some extra info underneath, like a quote or quick slogan/blurb.

Overall though, its some nice work! I dig it.

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All great feedback! I’ll look into all of those, and it’s nice that each character model has it’s own unique shape and direction, makes a cohesive series feel somewhat varied

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I really like how clean and uncluttered it is, however, one critique: This is just my opinion, but I think it would look better if the color of the Trapper symbol was the same as the text beside it. And maybe center the “ABE” part at the bottom but that’s just me. :slight_smile:



I’ll look into that as well! Agreed with the text, I was rushing to finish it, but it could use some alignment tweaks. and thank you!