Moderators moving your post


I recently made a post hoping for some feedback on my idea. But unfortunately my post was moved to another post with over 700 comments and over 12’000 views. I was looking for some feedback and now people wont see it! Why can’t all posts be independent without other people being able to move your stuff around?!


Because we dont need duplicate threads. If you have a question ask an be patient :slight_smile:


Plus most of the questions are probably answered already but some folks are too lazy to read or find those threads .


People will see it. It just accumulates, s’all.

They move posts 'cause it’s their job to keep this little place clean.

@Plaff is still illuminati though.


We don’t want Double Posts. There is a thread for your monster concepts and ideas. If everyone was allowed to make your own thread, all those posts in that thread would become their own individual threads, flooding the forums. And I would think it would be better if it has 12,000 views? Just means more people on the forums go there and look through it.


We move most monster idea posts and other common posts to superthreads on the subject. People still read them (you’d be shocked how up to date people keep on things here), and will respond to you.

We only do this because we’d have hundreds of extra threads if we didn’t. It would make information harder to find and discussions more separated and fractured. Were you here during testing periods? Threads that don’t hook into a larger one get lost in seconds during those days.

We don’t move things because we don’t like them or something like that - we move things to make sure they don’t get lost and so that the forum doesn’t get cluttered.


It’s nothing personal…it actually helps your topic get seen more than it would otherwise in some cases. For example, I moved many a post into a technical beta issues thread during the beta. This was key because the developers should only have to look in one or two places for information. Those threads got huge but those posts were more easily accessible to the people who needed to see them most.