Moderators - Define "callout"


My post in this thread was edited because I included the name of the player on a team that I played against.

I was using the name as an identifier so that anyone else who’s come across that same team can let me know if they have also played against them.

@TheMountainThatRoars said that I was breaking a forum rule by including the name of a player in my original post.

Oh woops. I just wrote a player’s name in my previous sentence… uh oh… did I just… did I just break your rule again? Is a moderator going to come in and edit this post and remove @TheMountainThatRoars name? Did I just call out him by including his name in that previous sentence? I mean, you could just click on the link above and see for yourself that he, indeed, was the one to say that I was calling someone else out. So, read on…

Now, when I think of the rule saying that you can’t “call out” another player, I’m thinking of things like, posting the names of hackers, players who have bad attitudes, or players who suck at the game, etc. When I wrote that [he who’s name cannot be written, apparently], was in the team that I was up against, I was doing so in order to identify the team and find out if others have also played against them. Not because they were cheating, not because they had bad attitudes, and not because they sucked at the game… quit the contrary, they kicked my ass. I certainly didn’t consider it a callout, and STILL I don’t think it was justified to derail my thread and edit the original post because “callout” - is a word that can be interpreted many different ways. As it stands right now, writing any players name is like walking on egg shells … “ooh boy, I hope I didn’t offend somebody by including someones name” … you know what I’m saying?


Too bad my friend, you don’t get to argue about this. The mods enforce the rules as they interpret them, not as you do.


We define callouts as attaching negative connotations to someone’s name, for example a hacker or griefer or a troll, so on and so forth.

I do agree that in your thread, the name didn’t need to be edited out, but we all make mistakes. We’re not robots over here. We’re people too, and if you fail to understand that and continue to act in a polite and respectful manner you will be penalized as such. There is no need to be confrontational and make snide remarks for someone making a mistake.

So I apologize on our behalf and give you permission to add the team’s name back to your OP in that thread. I am also warning you to post respectfully. No need to hold a petty grudge over a small mistake.