Mode/Option suggestion for customs: Roulette

Id love a roulette mode for customs . Everyone gets stuck in a random role, with a random character, with a random perk, on a random map, MAYBE with a random mode.

Id play the heck out of that with my friends.


But it should show us the perk we get. :smiley: And let you opt out of one role/character/map/mode.

Cuz if I’m in a custom with my NA buddies I don’t want to get monster on Broken Hill Foundry because 500MS and 3FPS do not mix.

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Totally agree with that one there.

nevas! You will fight like poop and be laughed at by your friends because of it!

Fuck it, WHY NAWT. :DDDD

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I would love this option. When I play in customs with my friends sometimes we do “roulette” with this random choice generator and one person (usually me) picks numbers 1-4 to determine who will do what role and what character they will play. :smiley:

Or I’ll have the roles in my head as

  1. Medic, 2. Support, 3. Trapper, 4. Assault, and list their names in it and whoever rolls first gets medic, 2nd gets support, etc.
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I would like this since I already close my eyes and spin through the characters for a random one. Something at would also be cool is a button that will automatically pick a random hunter and skin in pubs.

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