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Hey guys at Turtle Rock!

Just wanted to say I am very excited for Evolve and I cannot wait to see some more content.
My question is (Hope this is the right section) will you guys open up the game for Community Mod support?
This is down to the fact that L4D Series is still incredibly popular and I would say one of the big reasons is Community Content/ Modding. I honestly think that this is incredibly important for games to keep its content alive (Brutal Doom, TF2, Warcraft 3 and its Expansion)

Cheers guys and I wish you well in the months coming up to the release



I couldn’t agree more!

We’re still deep in the thickets of developing the game that it’s hard to say what this might look like on Evolve. As a company that came from modding, there shouldn’t be any doubt about our appreciation for the craft. But there are so many factors that play into what specific support is possible post-launch, and right now the team is laser-focused on finishing the game.

Rest assured, we’ll be looking forward to seeing all the community creations - mods or otherwise - that come out around Evolve!! And let’s revisit this topic a little closer to release :).



How many monsters will Evolve ship with?

Glad to hear that JD it always rocks when a developer appreciates the community and community made items I can see that you guys are really excited with this :smiley:



i would love to see steam workshop with this game. people might make new maps monsters guns and all. that would be amazing.



Steam workshop support would be really awesome for player creations
Not to mention there is already (1) alternate skin for the creature.

Would be nice if a player was using a custom asset from steamwork the other players would pull it down while connecting.



I’d say as long as it didn’t impact gameplay. Making the Monster too visible, or unreasonably camouflaged, for example.



This is the STEAM modding community we’re talking about here.

Eventually the monsters will probably have rainbow unicorn skins and the hunters will be themed like My Little Pony characters :smile:

But I’d still play it . . .






Dibs on pink Goliath! :smiley:



Why shoot beautifully detailed streams of liquid fire when you could shoot rainbows and honeycomb cereal?

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… I’d fight it.



As developers you could easily set down guidelines for this. I am currently unsure of the matchmaking system you guys have for the PC version but you could have it in the ways of Official and Unofficial servers running certain content. Maybe a community challenge for some updates, create a new monster or more hunters with beards :smiley:



This right here, is the best mod idea so far. :smile:

I am now picturing a heavy metal type skin for the beast or at least, a UK anarchy get up complete with Union Jack denim jacket and a green dyed Mohawk!






Darn it Miel, now it’s going to take a month longer for the release date because they’re totally adding that . . . thing to the game.

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I’m surprised no one has mentioned the pre-order incentive. Currently, if you pre-order the game, you get free access to the first new monster expansion. Notice the use of the word “free”. It couldn’t be any more clear that Turtle Rock intends to make things like new monsters part of paid expansions.

To me, new monsters are THE prime candidate for community mods. If Turtle Rock intends to have us pay for them, there is very little chance we will see any created by the community.



I did not mention the pre-order because thats a very shady area that has in the past, Had me removed from EAs forums for criticizes that business practice. I have always been incredibly vocal against Micro transactions and DLC since both are sinister business practices that are made to artificially block customers.

This is another worry since with the recent debacle of games 2K seems to of published these “AAA” games have always had “Seasons Passes” or DLC to nickle and Dime customers. Regardless I hope there is little influence on TRS in the terms of locking a community to its own “Pay to expand the experience” type of deal.



Someone needs to make a mod that replaces Griffin with a smoker that uses his tongue as a harpoon

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Can we make our game mod with Cryengine3 sandbox or you will create a tool.For create some custome single player story mod or multiplayer game mod


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