Modding support on PC?


I was wondering if Evolve on PC will support modding and community made content? For example: custom maps. Has modding support been mentioned or confirmed yet?


I don’t think it has been confirmed.

Modding is a tricky issue, since they intend to make money off DLC in the long term. Mods would simply act as competition. Don’t be disappointed if modding support is minimal or non-existent

However, it would be VERY cool is they sold user generated content similar to DOTA2/TF2 .


I would guess that mods would supported to an extent. Left 4 Dead 2 has tons of mods, and user created story missions. I would be surprised to see that form of community involvement removed just for future DLC sales. Also, letting people mod and and create content keeps games going much longer than they may have otherwise.

Good example would be something like Skyrim. Has lots of mods, and still manages to sell some DLC with it.


No comments made about modding yet


I think modding is an awesome idea just look at starcraft :slight_smile:


Modding is perfect for the game, it would give the game popularity, probably more sales because of it, more variety and more longevity after many years after launch as Left 4 Dead series, official DLC’s wouldn’t be enough, the Devs will move on probably making a sequel and they will stop making DLC’s for this one, after a while, the game will get stale.
I don’t see why they wouldn’t support Mods, and I don’t see this being counterproductive or negative.


I would love to see steam workshop support personally, but I won’t be offended if it doesn’t happen. :slight_smile: