Modding and Modders?


Do we have anyone on this forum That mods games (Adding your own content to a game)?

Anyone that would like Evolve to have this as part of the PC game? Comment or like this post just to show the community how many in this community alone would be interested in to have player content abvailable to use or to just add your own content, maybe design your own creature or maps or hunters!

Thanks for reading, Plus I bet there are alot of modder that would be interested that dont already play this game and mod other games. Cheers :slightly_smiling:


I made a post about this a while ago. People came to the conclusion that they’d like it, but want it only in customs.


how do you mean customs? seperate from the main game?


Custom matches.


Here’s the link Allowing Mods for Custom Games (Poll)


ah right, but thats good, you dont want to join a random game full of random mods, but on the flip side you would maybe like to play your new self made skin and be able to play any mode using this.


As much as I’d like modding to be a thing in evolve, I believe it is not possible for certain reasons. One of those is that trs use a modified version of cryengine so they don’t actually own it. I don’t know the specifics but it has been mentioned before.

I love seeing what a community can make with modding tools so it’s quite sad that it can’t happen with evolve.


People wouldn’t like my monsters if I had a go at them :slight_smile:


TRS doesn’t own the rights to the engine (that’s crytek i believe), so they can’t release any modding tools unless Crytek allows them I think (or something along those lines)


I’d love to see what you can come up with. Playing as a demonic cow would be cool. :slightly_smiling:

It would be interesting to see what crazy monsters people would come up with.


I’d make a monster that messes with people’s perceptions of reality. IE it would create fake versions of the monster and/or your teammates. Make symbols above people’s heads (Like they were stuck in a plant or pounce when they weren’t) and having your teammates call/shout out things that weren’t true. :smiley: I’m a sucker for mindgames.



That would be so fun to play, not so much fun for the hunters though. :smile:


I dunno, you can be mind messed with in games and have it not feel frustrating. Especially if the monster wasn’t about burst.


Monster Abilities:
Rage Quit- Aggravate the enemy until they get so mad they quit.
“Accidental” Dashboard- Make the enemy “accidentally” Alt-F4.
My “Internet Crashed”- Make the enemy have his or her “Internet Crash”.
“Fire Alarm”- Make the enemy have the “Fire Alarm” go off


I don’t really want the game taken over by mods if I am honest…


Agreed, a bit like the sanity systems in Eternal Darkness and Amnesia.


Sexy Wraith mods anyone?



I dont really think It effects the gameplay alot, Fallout is done in a way that doesnt ruin the game, Evolve could follow those guidlines, the modding i about the gaming community and not about who beats who, it just mean original monsters or tweeked monsters looks,


man now that would be very weird lol