Mod/Leader Tagging


This is a suggestion thread for the forums, and not the video game. I’m not sure if it’s possible or not to incorporate, or if it would help anyone or not. Let me know!

So, when I need to tag a Mod or a Leader about something, I’m not sure who the best person is to be tagging at the time because I don’t know who’s currently “on” the forums. Would it be possible to have something on the site that tells you what Mods/Leaders are currently online?

I hate tagging ppl sometimes because I don’t want to spam them if they aren’t online. Plus, the reason why I’m tagging someone in the first place will be taken care of pretty fast if the person being hailed is already here.

What do you guys think?
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This thread is literally the story of my life.


Yea. There’s a dev tracker but a mod/leader tracker would be nice


Yay, more ways to stalk people :DDD

But really, this would be a nice touch


When tagging devs it’s usually better to tag the ones who should be involved bugs get QA testers and shaners and such. They’ll get around to it eventually and might not comment but if they should see it you might as well tag them.

For mods just use the flag button and select the something else option out of the 5 options.


Yeah, the flag system is the best way to interact with the mods. People seem to do pretty well on scoping out which leaders have been posting for quick highlights of small things, if it’s really urgent then a flag is probably more appropriate.


I think this would be a good addition. Sometime I spend more time thinking of who to tag than I do actually typing the rest of the post. :smile:


Simply flag a post with ‘other’ and type something out.


Yup, fastest way to alert the moderators.


I’ve got mixed thoughts on this, personally the flagging system is enough for me. Sometimes I want to just log onto the forum and see what’s happening, the thought of having a feature specifically so people can track when I’m online isn’t something I’d be in favour of unless there was an appear offline option that came with it.


I’ve always wanted to talk to @codinghorror about this - I’ve seen that there is a “#moderators” tag in some PM’s I’ve been in that pings all available mods in one go. I think that’d be super useful in @ tagging form.

That said, I never mind being tagged (even redundantly) - I will always respond at my first opportunity!


I’ve never thought to use the Flag option to simply notify before. Is that only for Mods? Or are Leaders also flagged?


It’s just for Mods


I assume this is the reason that it hasn’t been implemented into Discourse.


Neither had I. I thought all flags went on your ‘record’ so to speak, and so many meant you cant get regular (for a time). I guess i associated a flag as you’ve done something wrong rather than just getting the mods attention. This is the first time I’ve really thought about it. :smile:


The only flags that count against you are the “Offensive” related ones.

Trust me.

I know.



Thinking about it that makes more sense.

My dad always tells me ‘never assume, it makes an ass of me and an ass of you’.
I think I need to listen to him more. :smile:


I always heard it as never assume, it makes an ass out of u and me.


I don’t know many people who has heard of this saying. The wording doesn’t matter I suppose. As long as the message gets across. :stuck_out_tongue:

It’s a good one to know though.


We are looking at adding group mentions, so you can mention a group all at once rather than typing each name of the group out. It has to be a protected action though, a lot of people spamming a group would get real old, real fast.