Mod Community? Does it exist?


With the dwindle of concurrent players, why not expose mod capabilities for those of us who see potential in the game? I wish there was a way to convert Evolve into a FPS/RTS; (Natural Selection 2, Savage) with a role that could interact with the field via a top down (RTS)perspective. I can imagine a variety of game modes that could be derived from the existing art; why not put the power into the communities hands?


Mainly legal reasons with the engine have stopped them from doing so, I believe slabomeat has gone on record saying that if they could support it they would


Because there are engine licensing issues that mean it’s not possible at this stage. There’ll be an update from TRS if this changes.


Makes me wonder what restrictions are in place… I’ve inquired with Crytek on the variety of licensing options they support to better understand the situation; but an official explanation of their stance (TRS) is important… could be something that resurrects the jewel of all these years of effort.


Personally I think if the game needs something to pick up PC numbers then TRS should be handling it and incorporating it into the game proper, not splitting the game into a series of mods that generally just help kill the game off on PC. Just my view.