Mobility niche Assault Concept - Ava, Laser Welder

This is an idea for Ava, a female Assault who trades the damage options of other Assaults for the mobility to stay near the Monster or evade them, depending on the fight.

With good aim she can deal substantial damage, but she sacrifices some damage potential for damage reliability.

I envision her as an ex-pirate of sorts, using a battle-suit designed to assist in boarding ships and space-stations.

Main Weapon - Welding Laser

A long-ranged weapon that uses the charge ammo system of Markov’s Lightning Gun and Hyde’s flamethrower.

It emits a laser which grows in strength the longer it is fired without stopping, requiring Ava to keep a steady lock on the Monster to inflict proper damage.

The laser gradually grows in size, and when the charge is expended the gun sparks and vents open to release steam as it cools down.

Secondary Weapon - Assault SMG

A larger and bulkier variant of the SMG that fires more damaging rounds, but suffers from decreased accuracy.

Ava must remain close to the Monster to be effective while using it.

Ability- Raid Suit

Grants Ava unlimited jetpack fuel for a short time, with a substantial cool-down.

When the ability ends, Ava’s jetpack fuel is fully depleted automatically.


One of the best hunter ideas I’ve seen. Realistic in it’s design, it follows the general assault archetype well while being original enough to warrant a whole new hunter.

The fact that she’s female is a plus too!


Gotta say one of the few ones suggestions that i’ve liked.


Wow this is awesome and raid suit sounds awesome


I like that Raid Suit has to be used intelligently since it fully drains your jetpack after use.


You know, I actually would love to see this.


I’ll admit that it started by wanting a female Assault before I thought of a mobile one.

I was thinking that, unless the girl was just huge, her weapon would need to be lighter than the typical heavy guns they carry.

I’m hoping that a long cool-down and the drain would keep it from being too frustrating.


I really want to see this idea realized @MacMan what do you think of this?


Is amazing, I’ve thought of ideas for hunters - but everything has either lacked depth, or been broken by being either subpar, or OP.

I like the idea that its a steady bean you have to keep on the monster, as it requires a level of skill afterall, especially if you’re in the middle of being snagged by a goliath charge :stuck_out_tongue:

And the raid suit concept is amazing, just amazing. It could be one of those hunters that like others right now, make the argument that the game lacks replayability, and gets stale and boring fast, outdated.

because as a monster you can’t just switch to the assault in the middle of everything because not only does she have a shield she can pop, but she can either use the raid suit dodge you for a decent period of time after shes expended her normal 4tank strikes. or choose to use it to birdseye snipe the monster by just hovering in the air out of reach.

10/10 IMO. great ideaa nd amazing concept, @MacMan should definately have a look at this, perhaps even reveal if something like it is on its way down the line? :smiley: one can hope :wink:


I swear the laser idea for your main weapon was an idea I had for a female support.
I Really Like The Idea But 1 problem.
This needs to be on the topic made for these ideas.

Honestly what makes your idea stand out is that:

  1. It’s simple which is good. You can sum up each weapon/ability with a few sentences. Always a good sign.

  2. There is a clear con to each ability. A lot of people focus on making ideas as “awesome” as possible without thinking about how to go about balancing it. The fact that there are clear cons even without numbers is a good design.


I really like this idea, would add so many ways to attack the monster, i hope this happens.

I like the idea too and I think you’ve summed up my thoughts on it. Seems pretty balanced and adds a new spin on what it means to consistently damage the monster as an assault.

It’s also intriguing to note that in order to activate the raid suit, you’d have to stop firing your laser. So there’s some nice decisions to be made here.

Furthermore it seems like she trades off the ability to force the monster out of an area for constant pressure. Namely because Markov has mines, Hyde has toxic grenades, and Parnell has burst damage with increase movement speed. She can’t actively deter a monster from an area through a placed object and cant’t pursue a monster to burst it for so much damage that it’s forced to run. However, it creates an interesting dynamic for the monster because the main way to mitigate damage is to temporarily disrupt her LoS to stop the beam’s power from growing. Which is different from other assaults where it’s about distance.

All in all, neat idea! :smiley:


@Macman needs to get over here (but no one is forcing you to come Macman, we only want to hear your opinion). : P
I think people want to see more women in the game, I can’t say I disagree with that. ^.^ There should be male and female versions of every class. We have Wraith, which is female as I understand, but we are lacking Assault, and Support I believe.

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Totally agree. It’s going to happen.


I love your response time, I have to admit that much. xD


That’s me avoiding real work. :wink: In all actuality, without the community this game means nothing. I think it’s time well spent.


Great idea for a female assault, I love it. Buzzing around the monster, keeping a focused beam trained on it seems like a lot of fun.

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We are here to reinforce each other.:blush:

And good assualt idea! Sounds like she could be a real menace against the less agile monsters.

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