Mobile wallpapers?

was wondering if anyone had some decent wallpapers of monsters for mobile phones, like the S4 mini (from samsung). Want to use them as wallpaper (duh) and maybe one as a cover for my phone

These are for the S4 galaxy I believe. You can probably resize them.

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I think @mikeylikesit had some mobile wallpapers

I see… I was hoping for more render-like wallpapers, but I’ll have a look. Otherwise I might have to get off my lazy ass and do it myself for once :grimacing:

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I’ve been using this on my tablet. Not sure how well it’ll shape up on a phone tho…

My favourites are from this

this is what he uploaded after people asked for mobile.
this is what the trapper looks like.

PC backgrounds if you want em.

Thanks everyone, seems this will do. Any mod, please feel free to close this as I have my answers
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