Mobile Sentries


I just posted this suggestion in another thread. I like it so much I decided to bring it here too. Lots of people think Bucket needs a change. I haven’t played him for a long time, so I wouldn’t know. But I got to thinking, wouldn’t it be cool if Bucket’s sentries were mobile. Like, if the monster was within a certain range the sentries would slowly hover toward him. Once they are within range, they would stop and start attacking. This way Bucket doesn’t have to spend all of his time repositioning sentries, leaving him free to focus on other stuff.


I have no idea what bucket needs. I know that the other topic has a lot of people saying he was okay. I don’t agree that he is okay. He just seems UP to me, but I feel its because he can’t do anything while fighting the Kraken. Maybe sentries being mobile could help but I am not sure. I just don’t think Bucket is as good at area denial as others think the sentries seem so weak.


Maybe in the case of something that’s airborne, like Wraith or Kraken, he could fire an alternate weapon. Some AA missiles that slightly track…SLIGHTLY. And they would be limited in range as well, but reach out far enough to be useful in a fight.


Not sure could maybe work!! I am down to hear any idea really for him I think bucket just needs a little love is all.