Mobile Arenas. How do they work?!?


I am in an Insane Clown Posse type of awe whenever I see a Mobile Arena go into action. No, not from a gameplay standpoint - I know their point. I’m talking about from a physical…I guess scientific standpoint.

I know Evolve takes place in the future and all, but I still wonder how the mobile arena could work in caves, for instance. I also have to wonder what the utility of mobile arenas outside of hunting monsters on Shear would be - they clearly existed before the monster outbreak, but what purpose did they serve?

Maybe I’m thinking too much about this. But it would be cool if we had some kind of explanation as to how mobile arenas worked and what purpose they serve elsewhere in the universe. :slight_smile:




Well, the mobile arena is produced by a drone. This drone produces a field of light matter. This means that the arena itself isn’t made of any kind of matter like that’s tangible to us, it’s made of pure light that’s been strained and compressed to make a form of matter. The reason why you can enter and not leave is due to how the light is structured. The outside layer of the arena is similar of a mesh, while the inside layer is structured like a diamond. This allows things to enter, but not leave.


Actually, Rajat Fields! Doh!


I’m surprised how close I was.


It’s very, burp very similar to a quantum immersion field from Zantar 12, they, they really have their particle compression tech down, those Zantarians. It’s a relatively simple burp science, but it gets the, gets the job done.


They can’t work in caves, its only as a gameplay mechanic D:

I do love watching the mobile arena go up cause it looks so pretty :joy:

Griffin hunted big wildlife before becoming a planet tamer, so maybe he would have used one to stop the wildlife running away when he caught up to one?

Probably :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Yeah, that’d be cool.

I would love if there were some books made in the Evolve universe, that’d be so cool to read :smiley:




Where is @Galactoid when you need him ;-;


How do they work?



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