Mobile arena Stats


I might just be missing out but I’ve searched “Dome stats” , “mobile arena stats” and so on. I was just curious if anyone knows the numbers. I was told 60m in front and 40 behind. How far up does it go? thanks in advance.


It has a 60m radius, 120m diameter.

Due to the fact it is a dome I’d say it also reaches 60m at it’s highest point but because it is a dome there is no floor since it is not a sphere.

  • Mobile Arena
  • 100m diameter
  • 50m radius
  • 1 second deploy time
  • 70 second cooldown
  • 60 second duration
  • Cylindrical tower with a spherical cap
  • No floor

Unless I’m wrong on all of this @The_Mastermind


I believe it is a 50 meter radius sphere. When the trapper throws the dome the generator travels 10 meters so you can catch a monster 60 meters ahead, but only 40 meters behind. you also cannot throw a dome if you are facing a wall that is closer than 10 meters for that same reason.

I have also seen numerous references that the dome is 100 meters across.



You’re correct on all except the size, in which case @Tayloe was right with his corrections