Mobile Arena: Cat-and-Mouse vs Boss Battle


When I first heard about this game I was very fascinated, and part of the reason I was fascinated was because I loved the idea of the hunt. Tracking the monster and figuring out how to cut him off, or stalking the hunters and picking them off one at a time.

However, after the glut of E3 videos, I’m getting the impression that most matches are a string of mobile arena battles, where the monster is caught and both sides whittle down each other’s health. The hunting and tracking seems like it’s just a way to give everyone a breather, and less a core focus of the gameplay. Is this the intent of the game? To mainly be about the big boss battles and not so much about the hunting mechanics? Because the pursuit of the monster is part of what makes Evolve stand out from other FPS games in my perspective.

A lot of this seems to revolve around the Mobile Arena, which persists for a long time and has a huge radius. Once the monster is sighted, it seems fairly easy to trap, and then the game turns into a slugging match. It seems to me that reducing the duration of the ability or increasing its cooldown would allow for matches with a lot more innovative and cunning play. With the game as is, the monster seems very easy to box in.


Well I do believe the devs have stated they want several pitched battles per game and they should be separated by short (keyword there) quiet, tense tracking moments.

Personally from watching, I would like the mobile arena to be more “clutch” and to miss it be a bigger deal. Currently I think the cooldown looks like it might be too short. Everything else about it seems fine and judging how you lose armor from evolving, I think shrewd monsters will want to fight with full armor before they evolve in order to not waste the armor and maybe earn some strikes against key hunters (like Lazarus).

However I wouldn’t expect the game to put much more emphasis on the tracking. This is still supposed to be a shooter/action game overall. Having said that there are lots of things the monster can do that many of them did not do at E3 and even the commentators mention it. There were very few monsters that were sneaking but the ones that did really fooled the hunters because most hunters hadn’t had a problem tracking the monster that wasn’t bothering to hide it’s trail . So I think if the monster player wants to be sneaky and try and juke the hunters, we might see more tracking but again most monsters at E3 were just flying around and not caring about startled birds or anything.


Well you have to track the monster before you can put down a mobile arena. At first I thought it sounded like a pretty silly ability but after seeing gameplay I see it as a standard and important part of the game. It is simply a mechanism that forces a confrontation for a period of time. Without it the monster could simply run away each time its armor was depleted in the early game, or if the monster couldn’t get away because of other different mechanics, the game would be over as soon as they found it. Whether you have this ability or another one, the game needs something similar to work imo.


I certainly agree it does need such a mechanic, but from the gameplay I’ve seen it feels like everything else in the game is just sandwiched in between mobile arena battles, which dominate most of the match.


Just want to point out that it’ll be harder to track a monster that is sneaky. We’ve only ever really seen matches with either new people playing or the interactive trailer (which was set up) so not a lot of stealth was used. If you watched the dev match yesterday then you can see that the hunters had a really tough time tracking the monster since he was constantly sneaking and taking his time to move around the map unnoticed


Yea that was kind of my point as well, nobody really tried all that hard to be sneaky as the monster.


Being sneaky is hard your first couple of rounds. Even in our Nerdist tournament, many players were hands on for the first time.

It isn’t until you start learning the maps, learning the hiding spots, figuring out which wildlife you need to avoid, etc. that you can really start elevating your strategy. @PoodleTime who played Monster in that last dev game with all the sneaking has been playing the game for a while and he had a coach who also has played the game a ton, @GentlemanSquirl. Trappers definitely miss mobile arenas and the cooldown does take a while. If the Monster player is good at evasion and map traversal, missing an arena can mean you have to track the Monster all over again.

It’s also good to keep in mind that a lot of videos out there are edited and include “stock” footage that was used by multiple outlets. We want to bring you more high level gameplay in the future and I think y’all will really get a better feel for how deep the strategy in this game can go.


My pro coaching consisted of 2 things… me screaming and pointing at Lazzy or me screaming and pointing at Poodles health bar! PROFESSIONAL!

So some things to keep in mind about the mobile arena. It’s the only thing keeping the monster in a fight if he doesn’t want to be. All the Monsters are highly mobile, so without the ThunderDome, good Monsters are only going to fight you on their terms. This can put the power in the Hunters hands - albeit on a cooldown.

If the Monster wants out of the mobile area really really bad. He can incap the Trapper. That mobile arena will immediately come down. He might have to trade some health for it. But thats what it takes for getting caught in the first place. And without the mobile or with the mobile being on a long cooldown, a lot of the game would devolve into a tedious running game. There was a time before the mobile arena at TRS and let me tell you, I love the Mobile arena.

Plus, we would miss all those clutch Monster trappings that made the crowd scream during the E3 tournies!


Actually… being sneaky was pretty pointless during the tournament since they had Daisy, right ?

(not totally useless but… in general. )


No, you can confuse her, run her by dangerous wildlife, run through water and leave no tracks. She only smells tracks in a certain range and if they are sneaking tracks, she follows them much more slowly.

She will track to the nearest and most fresh tracks in her range and follow from there. When she gets close to you, it doesn’t mean she actually knows exactly where you are. She’ll start howling and then it’s up to the Hunters to finish the search.

If you know the maps well, you kind of use her for when you are completely stumped on a direction. It’s a more active approach to Griffin’s passive sound sensors.


So does Daisy follow the scent on the monster or the footprints?


Well it sounds like the programming is worked to follow footprints since @GentlemanSquirl said she follows the freshest tracks, I doubt the monster leaves behind a smell in the code.

Unless of course you were talking about lore…in which case it’s probably smell, lol!


Ah right I see. I’ve always thought she moves directly towards the monster rather than following tracks


So did I !.. Oookay nice !

By the way, running in water won’t let tracks… apparently… (?)
Commentators said something about the weather, which can affects footprints and …visibility I guess.
Can it affect something else ?.. (wildlife…? Thunder power ?.. Time on fire…?)


the commentators mentioned that if you rely solely on daisy you will never catch the monster because he is so fast. that is probably why daisy is able to revive and do other stuff other than track.


He said every map has it’s unique weather. The dam’s is fog, the forest map is heavy rain. He also said there was snow as well, which I’m guessing is on a map we haven’t seen yet


Ohhh, I thought they said “unique” like “there are several weather in all maps, and each of these weathers are unique” …


Weather does affect tracking on both sides!


Another thing I noticed a lot, the monster would get Daisy with Maggie right behind her. Now I understand they risk a mobile arena by doing so, but no one seemed to take the time to kill Daisy and move on. If Maggie is alone I doubt she would risk a 1v1. Effectively giving you 2 minutes of them being less on your tail.


Lazarus can revive daisy.