Mobile App feedback


Not a subject talked about often on here eh? Maybe there’s a separate board for it? xP

Anyways, I’ve gotta ask, did you guys test anything or even think about anything after Goliath? And I know that comes off as a bit of a dick thing to say…but my god this feels horrible. Alright let me list some things…

Hyde’s skills…
Minigun - 1 bar, Deal 60ish damage to 1 target and taunt it (level 2)
Flamethrower - 2 bar, deal 100ish damage to all enemies over 2 turns (level 1)
Toxic Grenade - 3 bar, deal 105ish damage to 1 enemy over 3 turns and it requires you to perform a match first after activating it (level 1)

See a problem? 5 more damage for 1 more bar, but it’s single target and requires me to match a special token. I can literally just 2 bar the flamethrower and then follow it with the minigun for dramatically more damage in a turn less for less effort. The “drawback” is that Hyde will get focused with the next attack, but he’s the tankiest person, which means you WANT him to be the one getting hit, so there isn’t a drawback. If the toxic grenade at the very least prevented enemies from attacking every turn it’s active, it’d be another story, but it doesn’t do anything but do meh damage over a long duration for quite a bit of effort.

Lazarus…has so many issues. He’s almost useless, and makes it so much harder than playing with Val. It almost seems like you made him intentionally bad. His strong point in the actual game is that he can res you up without incaps and has a pretty quick recharge aoe heal. In the app, his heals absolutely suck, and it takes several turns to get the energy to res someone back without their energy. Honestly, it’s a nightmare. His basic heal should be an aoe(match 3) and his res should be his 1 bar. Feel free to buff his sniper rifle so that enemies take bonus damage for a few turns(like the harpoon) so that it feels like a 2 bar. Also his health really needs buffed for this app…should probably sit at or close to the supports’ health levels.

Bucket feels like his only useful skill is his rocket launcher. The sentry doesn’t feel powerful enough and the UAV is an absolute joke of a 3 bar. So let me suggest this…switch them. Buff the sentry so that it stays out and every time bucket attacks, it attacks. It’s 3 bars so it should take forever to get multiple out. Change the UAV so that it changes 3 columns at once rather than just 1. That might help a bit.

Griffin has the same issue Maggie does, the 3 bar feels weak but the rest is fine. Also I have no idea what a match 4+ does. The tutorial is horrible at explaining that stuff. I know it puts a bubble on them, but I’ve no idea what that bubble is.

The “boss wildlife” is absolutely insanely powerful. I don’t remember their names offhand, but there’s a plant about 4 missions in I think it was(a couple missions before the 2nd kraken fight) that hit like a freight train. You get to it and your characters are all like level 2-3 and this thing cracks for like 50 damage and follows up with a 50 damage hit the next turn. You can’t do anything to that, whoever it picks just dies. There’s another one that’s overpowered like hell in area(stage? whatever) 2 as well. The mission with the solo Lava Strider, the boss of that one hits hard as hell too, just straight up 78 damage hits. No one can survive that but Hyde. I don’t even know if it has a follow up, I just remember it slowly one shotting through my team.

All this and the game feels so anti-grind ontop of it. Complete a new mission and gain a level and a half. Complete an old mission and get 10-20%…maybe.

ugh…frustrating is the name of the game…you did it intentionally didn’t you…you followed the canadian devil’s scheme didn’t you -.-; intentionally make it hard to the point you HAVE to buy the money rather than overcome it with skill. rackin’ frackin’… @MacMan MAC! WTF!

Oh one more thing…the rescue missions can go die in a fire.


Good luck, friend. It’s not impossible to beat without spending money. It took me 5 days (and $0) to beat Bronze, Silver, and Gold and a couple more to complete the bestiary and getting everyone to level 30. Hopefully the guide will help a bit.

Second and Third tier are more difficult than T1 at first, but you’ll get the hang of 'em. It’s unfortunate, but you’re right – some of the skills are just not worth it to use.