MOBA economy and Evolve


This question is mostly for the Devs.

Why didn’t this game take a similar path like League of Legends or Smite in terms of unlocking new characters? I think quite a bit of the problems & hatred towards the DLC ploy could have been fixed with some type of ‘IP’ system to earn new characters.

You could still have the characters marked for a $5-$10 for people who want the characters quickly.


The devs can’t really answer this one because that decision is solely up to 2K. TRS just makes the game.

I will say that Smite’s business model really brought them a lot of success. I mean $30 for every character in the game plus all future characters is a steal.


Well, I actually did some fun math on this. With A MOBA pricing structure, Evolve would have the worst content system ever. Basically, I took the League of Legends champion prices for characters, and team fortress 2 prices for cosmetics. Cross referencing this with other similar F2P games, these micro-transaction costs are about market standard (specifically for f2p games with characters/skins).

Basically that comes out to:
4.99 for each T1 T2 and T3 character or half a month of daily play per character
9.99 for each T4 T5 and Adaptation hunter or one month of daily grinding each
9.99 for Goliath, Kraken, and Wraith each or one month of daily grinding each
14.99 for behemoth, gorgon, meteor goliath, and elder kraken or a month and a half of daily grinding for each
4.99 for a hunter skin with no community events
7.50 for a monster skin with no community events
In return, the game would be free to play, and you’d have one random character of each class available to test per patch cycle.

So right now, to have everything, it is about $65 and you’re good to go (that’s base game, all character DLC, plus you end up with 102 skins). With a MOBA/F2P shooter formula, it would cost you either 27 months of playing every day (assuming a 50% win loss rate), or you’d have to pay $270 and have no skins other than default.

While I can make no official statement on the matter, I believe that by making the game pay to play, it gives more room for lower prices and easier support for future content since you know that everybody has to pay the same to fund development.

I’ve been doing a lot of content related calculations recently. I intend to make a post on it once I can verify some things hopefully in the near future.


Dem kalkewlations doe…


And you got the Overwatch Model , Full game for 39.99 $ and all new Map and New Hero gonna be free ! :slight_smile: Enjoy AND Learn 2K


:warning: it your math and logic OUT of the convo, Buddy! :warning:



No idea where you’ve got the notion that Blizzard will be releasing all new maps and heroes for free, but you go ahead and own that bubble.

Edit: I should clarify, you need to read what they’re saying as developers… you’ll have a very limited run of new heroes for Overwatch, the number of which will be entirely dependent on how much money they can find to resource development through other means. Careful what you wish for.


They said it couple of times for dont split community and have a good E-sport scene , and my wish was to 2K dont split us like this and player keep protecting them


2K aren’t splitting anyone.


Evolve is the definition of not splitting the community, which is why I think most of the die hards were so confused early on about all the DLC bashing. Behemoth might’ve been a bit overpriced, but everything else is honest and worthwhile, and I think the game will eventually be made F2P anyway. Before T6 (if there is one)preferably, an I think we would see a huge influx of new and returning players.