Moar Blood + Goliath Pounce Fix


Two thinks I want to ask in this thread, hopefully a TRS Dev sees this:

  1. Could we have a Fix for Goliath’s Pounce
  2. More Blood? (This game is an 18+ right?)

Goliath’s Pounce - This always kills the immersion for me; you’re in the center of a heated battle, one hunter runs off and you follow him taking advantage of this… You crouch, ready to pounce and tear your next meal to shreds… Goliath begins slapping the floor at the hunters feet…

I first came across this (Bug?) in the Beta and assumed it would be sorted by Release, no biggie… But it still happens, making me not really want to Pounce at all as Goliath unless I really have to… (Being chased by a hunter who wandered off)

More Blood - This would be a personal preference of mine, but still, there is a very Generous amount of Blood that comes with a landed hit on a Monster with Cabot’s railgun, why virtually no blood with Monster attacks? Something thats about 3 stories tall with claws longer than a human is going to produce enough to provide a Blood Bank with enough for a week… (I’m not a psycho… Everyone loves a bit of blood… L4D2 for example) The wildife has blood, why not the hunters? It may sound sick, but thats the reason people play games, (Some of them anyway) it’s satisfying… Again, with L4D, chopping through a horde of Zombies with a Autoshotgun is very satisfying… So why not make it a little more satisfying for Monster players, rather than it feeling like we are hitting plastic hunters…

It doesn’t have to be overly huge, just a little more sign of injury than it is now…


I thought this was a thread about pounce being broken and not “stealth” orientated.

Yea, can we get the hunter model fixed when pounced so it looks like Goliath is actually beating the crap out of the victim? I think the Dev’s know of this and have it fixed in the patch @MacMan and his buddies are pushing to get out.

As fore gore, I don’t know. Nor do I care. I do agree though, give the hunters visible signs of damage as the monster does. This will take A LOT of work making them bloodied, scarred, maybe give them a limp too? It can include animations but if we’re going for only looks then it may be not as complex to make.


Oh thats good!

As for the blood I just mean similiar textures that Cabots railgun gives when he hits the monster… A patch of blood splattered on the floor or wall wherever the player was aiming to make it feel like we are hitting something…