MLG Evolve Kickoff 2-23 Tournament Xbox One

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Sigh, signed up made an account,

Me and my buddies were getting excited for this, only to find out it was for XB1. Wish that was listed in the OP.

No love for PS4 :frowning:

Pre-order sales were 8 to 1 for Xbox One versus PC. The game was highly marketed for the Xbox One. Trust me, it’s far from false, most people are playing on Xbox One.

And what Xbox one issues? Been playing since launch and minus some matchmaking hiccups have no problem playing at all. There is nothing happening on Xbox One that isn’t also on PC and PS4.

are you blind? go to the bug section xbox has been very unhealthy to play according to majority. ps4 has the least amount of bugs and the fact that ps4 has more units sold my guess is they outsold xbox as well. when i finally got cabot. i was ranked 49000th in the world 0,0

Although I do agree the Xbox One has more
Issues. Definitely with the reset and matchmaking. However I do believe Xbox One has more players. It was marketed for Xbox, and the early readings show Xbox One has sold more copies of the game.

I want to know where you guys get these numbers from. they are never released and this was one of the first games to ever push hard for digital downloads more than retail. so are we looking at gamestops pre-order numbers? or psn and xbox lives numbers. to my knowledge there is no list of total max pre-orders to compare to.

No, Xbox One has the most users which means it has the most people reporting the exact same bugs. PS4 doesn’t have that many more units sold than Xbox especially after this last holiday.

And the majority of us are actually enjoying the game, don’t listen to the squeaky wheels that are complaining about balance changes. The only major issue is the matchmaking which is the same across PS4 and PC and fortunately I don’t think is nearly as bad as most people exaggerate about. Played all last night with a group of 3 and had no problem finding games. Not saying it isn’t something to be worked on but please with the whole “unhealthy to play” stuff.

lol salty fanboy salty

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yeaah no your totally off. i mean maybe in america that makes sense. id say right now its close to 1.5 ps4’s to 1 xbox.

but the world. globally. ps4 has outsold xbox 4-1. this game was sold globally (besides japan for some reason). therefore xbox would have had to sell 6 times the amount in america in order to compete with ps4. i no not everyone bought evolve. but seeing as there was little to nothing else that came out this month evolve should have been on everyones buy list.

xbox paid the most money to recieve its marketing encentives.

Just realized who I was arguing with. Never mind.

The reset bug is the biggest problem right now on Xbox One.

lol james franco says “they hate us cuz they aint us”

have fun on the Xbug. (coined since halo mcc so its not from evolve :wink: )

Yea I corrected myself to say that the reset bug is definitely the biggest problem. Definitely needs to be fixed. Which they will, would be nice if everyone just had some patience and gave them some time to fix it.

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It’s 4v1 during each individual game. :monster:

Ok I see what she meant now. Still might want to have Jess clear that up a bit.

I’m curious, why the hell are you guys arguing about sales and bugs, on an Xbox tourney thread.

I’ve started a PS4 team on gamebattles. Looking to add players in their mid 20’s who play at night. Add

The_Seahawks on PSN

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oh I get it now…it’s a Reset Tourney

First one to finish the Tourney without having their stats reset wins! …and then they get reset