MKXL Cosplay Pack


My MKXL case doesn’t have the cosplay pack sticker. I didn’t preorder it, but when I went to Target, I saw the sticker for the pack on the game case. When I ordered it from eBay, I saw the sticker. Does this mean that I won’t get the cosplay pack and end up having to buy it seperately?


If there was no code inside my guess would be yes.


I have not opened it. It’s still wrapped up. It’s supposed to be a birthday gift, but my parents asked if this was the right one. I’m unsure if it is because I don’t want to end up having to pay $30-40 for the pack.


Ahhh in that case exchange it mayhaps?


First I will ask the eBay seller about it before doing anything else.


Oh, eBay? Yeah, you’re stuck I think.


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