Mixing skins, monsters and hunters


Hi all,

I would like to propose a mixing skins feature as upgraded customisation. Say if I were to play as Maggie I could have Daisy in her Union Jack skin and Maggie’s smg in it’s Maneater paint job. Or as Bucket I could have his guided missile launcher in Elite and his sentry guns in Infinity.

As for the monster skins the different patterns each skin has would make it difficult to mix… but all mosters have Armour Glo™ and most have got eyes. So, I could select Behemoth as a Moonstone with the Glacier’s yellow eyes which would, in my opinion, make for a more interesting look, greater contrast and that.

In the grand scheme of things, with balance tweaking, bug fixing and new content a’ brewing this proposal is of low importance. But I think it would be a smashing feature none the less, others have made posts about this as well, but Reply to Post says they were old conversations so I decided to make this new topic.

Thanks for reading.


It’s interesting, I’ve never thought about being able to customize.

I think if this were to ever be added, the only way to do it would be to have a separate screen where you can customize the characters and then they’re locked.

There simply wouldn’t be enough time to change a skin for each weapon and such before the match starts.


If it was even possible to do you need something like presets to set up. So you set them up from the main menu, then when you select your Hunter you could get a list of all your presets from the Customization menu. Though when skins came out I kinda wanted a little more to them, like maybe actual hunter attires to match, or change the color of like the healing beam and such to match the skins.


This idea sounds great, but I feel full-body skins would benefit more. Having Lennox, Parnell, Emet, etc in a full skin would look cooler. Nice idea though.


Yea it would be really nice to have them, I would change R Val into all white with red accents.


Only problem I see with Custom Hunter Outfit Colors is this.

You play on a dark level like Fusion Plant.

All the Hunters pick super dark colors (black if possible) and they have a Slim as Medic.

Being blinded by his spores will never have been so frustrating as you are literally fighting blind.


I can definitely see that as being an issue, or an even bigger issue than it already is because that spore is annoying. If they were to implement such a thing, the spore may need to be changed.


And we’d never see bright White or Pink or Green or Yellow or even Red because of that reason.

Red would be cool but it’d be a bad color choice.

Since Red catches the eye faster and holds it longer.


I don’t play monster regularly, but I did a few days back I was kraken and I didn’t have any problem with los on the hunters. Between smelling and their outline, I don’t believe black skins will be a problem. Slims spores won’t be much of a problem if the monster targets him or keeps los on him. If the black and spore are too much, then it should give him the advantage of stealth over every medic excluding Laz. It’s the same as a monster picking a skin that blends him into the map. Slim is a very close fighter so he could use it.


It is almost one of those things with the spores that you would have to make it so that the monster could see the person’s health and such if they are staring directly at them and within a specific range.