Mix 'n' Match Hunters! :D


So you can take apart the Hunters and reassemble them however you like, within the limits of a few rules of course. You can choose:

Aesthetic Design.
Voice lines.
Weapon Slot 1.
Weapon Slot 2.
Weapon Slot 3.
Class Ability (which therefore dictates class.)

HOWEVER, you cannot have two or more of the same type of tool. For example you can’t have a Medgun, Healing Grenade Launcher and a Lazarus Device because they are all primary healing methods. You can’t have Daisy, Gobi and Tracking Darts because they are all primary tracking methods. Etc.

So go wild! :smiley:



Orbital Strike.
Voice Lines: Arnold Schwartwhatshisface.
Lazarus glove.

Dank Nades.

And Laz’s healburst.

Prepare for the 100% win rates.


Design – Mammoth Bird
Voice Lines – Markov’s
Weapon Slot 1 – Orbital Barrage
Weapon Slot 2 – Harpoon Gun
Weapon Slot 3 – Mortar
Class Ability – Cloak

Raining death never felt so easy.


…Mother of god…


God won’t save you from future val >:3


Design – Glaciopod
Voice Lines – Crow
Weapon 1 – Shield Drone
Weapon 2 – Mines
Weapon 3 – Sentry Guns
Class Ability – Dome

Who needs a gun when you can poop out everything you ever wanted?


The Cephalodons would eat you though. :wink:


I’ll pop a mine in its mouth.


Dun work, those fatties are quite fast when hungered.


Oh come now. They aren’t fat. They’re lean.

If you want fat, look at Bob. Look at Daisy. FAT FAT FAT FAT FAT.


Miss, you have your own way to describe the meaning of fatness, i have mine, those, things, are, F A T >:(


Bob’s not fat! He’s just got more to love… and get squished to death by.


Alright mate. Different words, same meaning. :wink:


Design – Torvald
Voice Lines – Cabot
Weapon 1 – Mortar
Weapon 2 – Damage Amplifier
Weapon 3 – Harpoon Traps
Class Ability – Personal Shield



Okay, got that out of my system, so here’s the real one: The ultimate body-camper.

Lazarus Device
Toxic greande


Voice Lines - Samuel Jackson
Flame Thrower
Bucket Turrets
Personal Shield

Call Bucket UP again… I dare ya! I double dare ya Mother F**kuh! In Buckets new S Jackson Voice


With damage amp.
And orbital strike.
And sentry turrets



Parnell’s design, large combat suit.
Torvald’s voice lines. Monster meets his doom. ^.-

Slim’s Shotgun, reducing shields cooldown when the monster’s close.
Super Soldier.
Assault Shield.
Health Regen Perk.

SS increasing mobility, reload for Shotgun, and Mortars.
You will never take actual health damage, due to almost no cooldown on your shield in close range. Health Regen healing the SS damage taken, and whatever damage he might take out of shield.


You did that just to annoy me, didn’t you? :expressionless:


It came into mind when I wrote it, but it’s because I like him. ^.-