Mix And Match Mode!


Wouldn’t it be cool if you could switch out Hunter loadouts! Could you imagine Bucket with a Respawn Beacon, or Emet with a Sentry, Vice versa? Hyde with Lighting Gun, and Markov with a Flamethrower. It would be a mode were you could switch out every ability with others, how it would work: Players get to set their 3 weapons they want to use. There would be a list of every Hunter’s weapons. If that weapon that they picked is already prefered, it will cycle around. You won’t know you prefered what others prefered. Then what class you want. These same rules apply for Monster. So this would be a game mode, it’s called Mix And Match Mode. This means you could not do this in other game modes, like Hunt, Evacuation, and Quickplay. If you want to play your way, you can play it in Custom with friends, or Solo. What do you guys think.


I would like to see this but it would be pretty unlikely. They were originally gonna have several weapons that you could swap out but they changed it to specific weapons for specific characters. But it is a cool idea :slightly_smiling:


This would be pretty damn unbalanced. Imagine someone with an Assault’s main weapon, a shield, R Val’s HB, and Mad Mags’ harpoons. Then imagine a whole team of them with such builds.


That’s why it’s just my idea, gosh calm down. I said the mode would apply to the Monster too. Goliath with Lighting Strike, you get the idea, I hope.


A Medic with Val’s medgun, Sunny’s drone, Laz’s glove, and Rogue Val’s healburst.

Enough to make any monster player shudder :stuck_out_tongue:


I’m not excited or worked up…Was just stating that it would be unbalanced…

Anyways, it’s less game-impacting for a Monster’s kit to change than for Hunters. Lets say we’ve got a Behemoth with Rock Throw, LS, Supernova, and Rock Wall. Ok, cool. Damage. But we can have four Hunters with healing to negate that entirely or all of them with Laz devices and Orbital Drills/Barrages plus the rest of their kit to lay down hurt and deny kills or strikes.


Nu, they should be unique. D:


Nevermind, I see your point now. But, they can make have certain restrictions on each class.


imagine laz with rv healing burst invisibility laz devise and emets weapon I shutter to think how that would end for the monster or torvald with poison bombs mortars and plasma lance or even bucket with his sentries orbital strike and damage amp or armor reducer or oh god maggie with flame snare’s harpoons combat daisy


Maybe a more restricted version? Class abilities stay the same and hunters can only swap gear within their class. Gear changes also depend on roles. Each class tends to have 3 gear sections: assault has primary damage, secondary damage, and tertiary damage, support has damage, primary tool, and secondary tool, trapper has damage, restriction, and trapping, and medic had damage, healing, and utility. For example, Markov could replace his lightning gun with Hyde’s flamethrower or Lennox’s plasma lance, but not with gas grenades or the thunder strike. He also couldn’t replace it with napalm grenades or the laser cutter. Some tool may fall into multiple categories, like the UAV and dust tagging may be tracking for trapper, but overall it remains constant.


Kraken with rockwall, warpblast, lightning strike and rock throw. nuff said.


Couldn’t agree more. This idea certainly takes away from the uniqueness of the game, and would be absolute hell for the monsters. This is definitely a no-go in my book.


I don’t he meant for it to be in matchmaking though.


I think it would be funny to see bob try and leap and other monsters trying to curl up into a ball or Goliath flying? wraith leaping? how would wraith leap she doesn’t have feet!


I think what @Ledrew is saying is:

  1. pick class w/ regular ability
  2. pick tools. i think this would be limited to class weapons, so caira could have laz glove, heal nades, and emet bouys for pure heals.


at least, it should be limited to the class tools and weapons.


Ok, Laz with any kind of strong active healing is still waaaay OP.


Fuk the Laz device, go full out Orbitals on my support. Just go reload speed. Orbital after Orbital after Orbital after Orbital. Rinse and repeat.

Edit: imagine everyone having 3 WLdaisies and only a Laz device. GG.

Overall, this would be a great custom game feature, but the only problem is with code. I don’t think it’s setup to mix and match abilities. It would also need a whole new interface and GUI.

“The possibilities are endless”


My statement was less about fun and more about balance. If a team got the bright idea to have some magical OP kit, the Monster would always lose, regardless of their abilities.


I understand. I guess there would need a limitations option where only the 3 class weapons could be swapped with another classes weapons. But that means a Torvald with mortars, granades, and the lance would still be too op.