Mister chief apprieciation thread


Its time to be happy about this memified Spartan.



I have nothing else to say, but need 10 characters.


Okay, so I hate to be the grumpy butt I am, but… This thread… Really doesnt do anything. And I mean, there are a lot of off topic threads that do hold water, like interesting facts and stuff but this… These “appreciation” threads are kinda getting out of hand in my personal opinion. I see 2 options here:
Make this into a thread about said character, tell us who he is where he’s from, is it a tv show? Youtube show? I have no idea, and I’m pretty good at memes.
Option 2 is that we just let this thread die/close it.

I dont mind appreciation threads… But I prefer them to be about, say, the game… Or TRS. Y’know?


Option 3: Move it to the random thread…


There have only been a couple every 2-3 weekes.

This is mister chief we are talking about here though. A long time halo meme that’s been around.


This thread might belong in the Random Thread as Shredder has stated. Sorry. D:


I don’t get this…


I have never in my life heard of this…


Unless you followed Halo (and specifically Frankie from Bungie and now 343i) you probably wouldn’t know Mister Chief.

Mister Chief made his first appearance on January 16, 2004, on a Bungie Weekly Update by Frank O’Connor. Prior to the weekly update, O’Connor requested to use a promotional poster crafted by Lorraine McLees but told that it was not possible at the time. O’Connor then took the effort of creating his own artistic impression of the promotional poster. The drawing depicted a horrible disfigured Master Chief holding a lightsaber.


TL,DR: Mister Chief is the mascot of the Halo marketing.