Missing Wraith Orca Skin


Was playing evolve with some friends today when someone said “I can’t find the Orca skin for Wraith”. I told them it had to be there I literally just played with it the other day. Started the game up to check and sure enough the Orca skin was missing! I’m not sure if this is a bug or if it was intentionally taken away from everyone but I really enjoyed the Orca skin and would like to have it back!


Yesterday I was browsing my Wraith skins and Orca was there for me.


Yeah I was playing 2 games with it today and after I closed the game and re-opened the game it was missing.


You might want to make a support ticket to 2K



Can you check again? Something they just randomly disappear, but eventually they come back. :bucket_cute:


I have that happen too sometimes on PC, what helps is going straight from the Main Menu to the Store.
Wait till it finished loading up.

Then, return back to the character selection screen and see if the skin is still there.


If it ever disappears just try restarting. Happens to me on occasion with multiple characters amd skins. Always fixes it.


yup, I restarted and it came back