Missing weapon HUD information


Picking buff fixed it. This is really bad since I can’t see current amount of ammo.

HUD Button Glitch

I had this on Val about a week ago.


Had this yesterday during a custom. I was Lennox and only my shield icon was actually showing.
After I died and respawned, things were back to normal. [PS4]



I’ve had this happen a few times on PC, seems to appear and disappear at random.


Go ahead and also report the bug using the Issue Reporter

And under “Description” you can post a link to this thread here.


Sometimes if you take a break, it should correct itself. I believe it’s caused, a few patches back, by TRS doing some recode to the ammo meters.


Dang, 4 minutes too late.
Like @XplosionIncorporated already mentioned, letting the bot take over for a moment fixes this issue.

Though obviously if you’re in ranked, you’re pretty much screwed.
Things like Orbital Barrage, Adrenaline Field, Dust Tag… etc.
Really annoying when you can’t see the cooldown on these.



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