Missing Valkyrie Lazarus


I don’t really know if it’s a common issue and I haven’t found out about missing this one up until recently.
The thing is skin for daily log-ins in July when we were supposed to get Valkyrie Lazarus skin and I couldn’t even check if I got it by then.

I was missing like 1 or 2 days for getting Electro Griffin so i’m pretty sure i should have been rewarded the Laz skin.

So here’s a shoutout to you, TRS, if you could figure this one out for me.
Or tell me how stupid I am, if I’m missing some crucial information here.

Thanks in advance,


Can you give us your Steam ID please?
Open Steam, click your Steam name next to COMMUNITY, and select Profile. Once there, right click on the page and Copy Page URL. If you paste somewhere, you’ll see your Steam ID. It starts with 7656… Please give us the number.

Or you can do 2K’s way, which is detailed (with pictures!) here: http://support.2k.com/hc/en-us/articles/218049097-How-Do-I-Find-My-Steam-ID-



@Gertz, can you check this please? Steam ID: 76561198037535150


sorry, didn’t really notice the number anywhere, because you forgot about checking the source code for Steam ID, but i guess it’s OK now


It’s okay, the link works also :smiley:
The Copy Page URL thing is weird… Sometimes it gives numbers, other times it doesn’t… :triumph:

I think people are in meetings and then lunch, but we’ll get back to you soon!


It looks like you got to the day before getting the skin before August started.

  • Gertz


What day was it?
On how many days did i manage to log in to the game in July then?


It sounds like you logged in 22 days and Lazarus Valkyrie is the 23rd day


Ok, I guess the topic deserves being closed/deleted then.
Thanks for clearing this up



Thanks @m3teeh for helping! :slight_smile: Will close thread as per OP’s request.