Missing skins?


I have my Savage Goliath skin, but I don’t have the Exterminator Hunter skins.

Help? :s


It’s a bug being reported around as of late. Don’t worry, TRS knows and is working on a fix.


Other people have repported something similar! So you are not alone. :smiley:
Hopefully it is getting fixed soon.


Where did you preorder from?


I Pre-Ordered on Steam…

…and didn’t the “Deluxe Edition” come with the Exterminator skins? I remember seeing a pic of it along with the Savage Goliath


My preorder Skins have also gone AWOL as of last night.


I just had this issue. Was playing assault and all my skins vanished save for the elite skins. A few rounds later, switched to trapper and skins were there. Hopefully TRS works it out soon. Best of fortunes, chaps!


One point five month old thread necro. That’s what I like to see. Make Laz proud! :stuck_out_tongue:

And did any of you guys get your skins back?


Other than the Exterminator Human skins, yes.


Well, at least you got most of them I suppose.