Missing Skins.Season pass/Dlc


ok so here we go. :smiley: the game was gifted to me. i bought the season pass all before launch. day 1 everything was great. my preorder skin worked. the next day for some reason i cannot select customize. so i tried purchasing another skin pack. still nothing. iv tried everything from verifying the steam content to re installing the game. its please iv already tried 2k support ticket, steam forum and all has failed me


There’s an issue with 2K servers that are likely the culprit. Progression resets are another issue some are having. 2k is aware of the issue and is working on it but that is all we know for now.


Athanasios G., Feb 12, 9:43 AM:That
is troubling We’ve had other players who have had this issue
and we’re compiling information to properly address this problem so we
can fix it.
Players like you can contribute to finding a solution by sharing the following information.** Gaming Platform (XB1, PS4, PC) -->**
** Progress/Rank made before the reset or lost progress -->**
** What was happening in the game right before the reset -->** (was
there a crash, did you get kicked out of game,did your console reboot)
** Please give any screenshots or videos -->** of what you saw at
the time of your reset so we can view the problem ourselves and have a
better understanding of it.Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.Athanasios G.
2K Support
To review the status of the request and add additional comments, follow the link below:
http://support.2k.com/hc/requests/964220 hoppe it was usfull to you guys


well i didnt give up! i found that my firewall was blocking evolve somehow. i would connect to multiplayer and the store ect fine. but i went into my settings and allowed it completely and my skins are there. not sure if i fixed it or if im just lucky this time around but hope it helps