Currently missing these skins:

All PreOrder skins.
Valkerie skins
Tempest skins
Blood eagle skins
Wendigo skins

As these are not progression related, this is not the bug in the known bugs thread, and so is irrelivant to that case.



As an accused TRS ‘fanboi,’ I have also noticed my skin sets (Wendigo, Bog, Savage, and the other one) are also missing.

[platform: XBOX ONE]


First things: I am on Xone and have had VEEEERY few bugs (very) but de fam locked out of any skins except for elite. I think it’s the magma three, bog three and the T1 exterminator skins total. Not really so incredibly worried for the skins per se, but the last match I played froze me out of my Xone entirely, and with people having so many reset issues I was terrified to turn it off improperly. I hope they just come back it sounds like all 2K does is unlock all those characters I unlock. Y’all should kindly update if and when they come back; I will!

Happy hunting fellas!


Mine seem to be back – they were this morning, but haven’t turned it on this afternoon yet.


Mine aren’t back yet…


I was having the same problem. The Store wasn’t available either.


mine are gone too, the customize tab only shows the elite skins. and yeah says the store is unavailable.


I made a ticket at 2K, they responded to verify steam cache files…
Of course I already did that, and of course it didn’t work.

I had to reinstall completely the game to fix this. It worked until the problem appeared again.
So I reinstalled a second time.

Awaiting for the third time real soon…


They tried confirming if I purchased the game when I put in a lost progress ticket. Goes to show where 2K’s concerns are. I’m on the One and could’ve just rented the game so what would a purchase have to do with losing progress? 2K also had the same progression lost issues with Borderlands 2.


I recently purchased the Sword skins for my Assaults. They gone now. My elite, savage, and magma skins are still there though. Pretty frustrating because I held off on buying any skins after feeling ripped off by the PC Monster Race purchase and then this happened :c It’s a hurter, TRS


i uninstallled once before, lost third character set and goliath skin. too scared too go that route again…


They all gone now :ccc


Ok, so this is a rather new thing. If you are on PC, right click on Evolve in your games menu and check the downloadable content. If it shows up, that is good, because it means you still own it, and something is just wrong with the button that reads it.

I have heard that unchecking everything and then rechecking them fixed this for some people, but I am still waiting on official word.


yeah the skins are still there on XBA game management so i know there there. this is another issue on their end.


They all back now :DDD


2K servers… are a joke…


my savage goliath is still missing.
in my manage games screen though so its definitely on my account.