Missing Silver Keys



Well I have been playing for about a day now and I had unlocked Val with silver keys. I had also bought some perks earlier which then left my wallet empty. I played untill almost 2 and then started playing today and ground for keys and got somewhere areound 6000. I was saving up for wraith. I played some more games and then I noticed that I had 0 silver keys. I don’t have any new unlocked characters/monsters, no new perks but I do have a big 0 where I should have my keys. I don’t remember the exact number of keys but I do not remember it ending in 0 which means if I had bought something I wouldn’t end up with 0. I’m not sure what you can do but I’d like my keys back. I’m not a great player so it took me awhile to get.


Hmm interesting. Have you tried restarting the game or playing a few matches to see if they come back? Evolve has a history of visual bugs like this that pop up where something wasn’t actually gone but appeared to be.

In the meantime, paging @LadieAuPair just in case.


Played 2 matches, no keys, restarting it for 2nd time.


Odd. Haven’t heard of something like this yet.

Can you do a favor? Can you your steam 64 idea and send that to me? I can look up your account and see if something weird happened on the back end.


After 2nd reset and another match the coins just showed up again :confused: I mean I’m glad but them showing up doesn’t neccesarily fix the issue. I’ll let you know if this happens again but weird. Thank you for your quick response!


Yes, definitely keep me posted. It was super weird that happened and I’ll like to prevent that from happening again.


Well it happened again, it appears to just be a visual glitch. When I hover over perks that I can afford it shows that I could purchase it. I’m not sure how the glitch happens though.


Hi Ladie i really need a sanity check here. I had spent a few last night but dont think it totaled the approx 15K i’m missing. is there a screen where i can double check my purchases to see total silver keys spent? could you do a check for me?