Missing Season Pass for Evolve Xbox One


I seem to be missing my season pass all together. I got on today to get the new hunters and Behemoth but it’s not giving me any options to download them without paying close to another $25-$30. I have and can use my Magma skins. But the season pass just isn’t there. Is there something wrong? (Xbox One)
I’m really hoping this is figured out because I bought the Digital Deluxe copy of Evolve for the new stuff and I don’t like the idea of having to buy the same thing again to get the characters


Try this:

Go to ‘My Games and Apps’ and press ‘Menu’ on Evolve, then go to ‘Manage Game’. On the right should be a list of items (Tier 4 Hunters if you bought the Hunting Season Pass and Behemoth if you pre-ordered) that are ready to install. You can install them from there.

Hope this helps. :smile:


If that works, keep us updated!

I swear this is the hundredth time you’ve had to say this @Jedi_Warrior. I just see you every time I get on here now!


Haha, I don’t mind. I’m happy to help.
I feel like I could write it word for word now. :smile:


I have tried this and get this strange thing where none of the DLC show up, but I can highlight them and see that they are he magma skins. But there is no season pass here either.


The individual hunters should show up.
Is there a list of content that is ready to install further to the right?


I loaded and reloaded it several times and that finally showed up. It was being screwy for some reason. Thanks for the help


No problem. :smile:
Happy hunting.


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All solved :slight_smile: thanks again Jedi!